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How to Turn a Word Document on Its Side

To turn a Word document on its side, you need to change its orientation. Microsoft Word uses portrait view for its standard document orientation -- making the page taller than it is wide. If you change the orientation to landscape view, then Word will turn the document sideways, making it wider than

How to Make a Desktop Into an Internet Server

Any desktop computer can be turned into an Internet Server with the free open-source Apache HTTP Server. Apache is a commercial-grade Web server that can be downloaded and used by anyone. There are versions available for Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OSX computers. Once Apache is installed and con

How to Fix Spell Check in Word 2007

Microsoft Word's spell check feature, while generally proficient, might make mistakes occasionally based on your preferences. By adding words to its dictionary over time, tinkering settings for informal typing, or mistakenly changing its language settings, you may be left with a spell check that mis

How to Stop Smss.exe

The system process "smss.exe" stands for Session Manager SubSystem and is a Windows process responsible for beginning the user session. It is distributed by Microsoft and essential to manage the session currently running on your computer. Microsoft recommends you do not stop or delete the process,

PHP and MySQL - Why Is It Considered a Deadly Duo?

Each enterprise wants to beat competition by developing web applications with minimum time, effort and money. Many enterprises rely on open source web technologies to reduce the overall project overheads. But each enterprise must choose ...

How to Make a Bebo Page

Bebo is a social-networking site similar to Facebook and MySpace. If you want to create your own Bebo page, you'll need to register for the site and customize your page to you preferences. Like other sites, Bebo is free to use. Creating your own Bebo page can help you stay in touch with friends and

Three Reasons You Should Be Thinking of Satellite Internet

There is a clear and direct correlation between the passage of time and the nature of consumer expectations in general: as time goes by, consumers become ever more demanding and expect more and more of the different products or services which they pay their precious money for. Of course reality does

How to Combine Multiple Presentations in PowerPoint

Pulling two or more presentations together in Microsoft PowerPoint is very straightforward. In addition to simply importing an entire presentation into another, you can pick and choose individual slides from presentations and drop them into specific spaces in your combined presentation. If you have

How to Create a Two-Fold Document

A two-fold document is often used to create brochures and booklets. If your business doesn't have the budget to purchase publishing software, you can create a two-fold document using the Microsoft Word software program. Note that the two-fold document may not necessarily compete with the high qualit

How to Get Layer Panels Back in GIMP

Layers allow you to manipulate certain parts of an image without changing the entire file. You can use the layers panel in GIMP to show only certain layers and hide others. You can also delete layers and add new layers from the layers panel. This dialog box is activated through the "Windows" menu. Y