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Potty Training Your Dog, the Easy Way

The thought of having to train a puppy is often enough to deter some from experiencing all the joy and happiness they can bring.True, training a new puppy or dog can prove to be hard work from time to time, but it can also prove to be an enjoyable experience as well.The one part of training that see

How to Make Grain-Free & Soy-Free Treats for Dogs

Most dogs can digest treats with wheat, corn or soy products as prominent ingredients. But some dogs, because of food allergies or weight issues, cannot or should not eat commercially prepared or homemade dog biscuits. This can limit an owner's options when it comes to rewarding a dog during trainin

Dog Shows in Western Pennsylvania

Many breed clubs hold shows in western Pennsylvania.Two Dogs image by ziggyhendry from Fotolia.comWestern Pennsylvania dog lovers have plenty of opportunities to watch canines strut their stuff at area dog shows. They include specialty shows for individual breeds and all-breeds shows....

How to Make a Tuxedo Dog Collar

Dress your pet for special occasions with a homemade tuxedo collar. Satin is recommended for an elegant touch and less bulk than other materials at the folds, but other fabrics work too. Buy a collar for your dog to use as a base for the tuxedo. Modify the measurements for the tie according to your

Dog House - What Kind of Structure Should Be Opted to Build It?

Usually, people love to keep their pets in their houses or apartments but in many cases it becomes quite difficult for the owners to fulfill the needs and requirements of their pets. In this article, I am going to share my own personal experiences and ideas about building a dog house with proper str

Choosing the Best Type of Crate For Your Dog - Part 2

In this article, I continue the discussion of how to choose the best type of crate for your dog. Crates can be made out of a variety of materials, but the three main ones are wire, plastic, and wood. Each type of crate serves a different purpose, and the materials used to construct them have differe

Special Tips For Shih Tzu Training

Affectionate, energetic and loyal - these are just some words that can best describe a shih tzu. However, a common misconception about this breed is that the dog is arrogant, yappy and demanding. Like any other four-legged furry friend, a shih tzu's temperament will depend a lot upon the amount

Stop My Dog from Chewing

Are you dreading going home to your dog? Wondering what your dog chewed this time? Searching for answers to "how to stop my dog from chewing?" It's natural for dogs to chew ... but you can control what they chew!

How to Build a Dog Enclosure Kennel Fence

Building a dog enclosure fence yourself is not too difficult and is more affordable than having someone else do it. Chain link is probably the easiest route--be sure to check your area's zoning regulations before you begin to build. Also, make sure that your kennel will be in a spot that gets at lea

How Invisible Fencing Typically Works to Train and Protect Your Dog

Hopefully this will give you a basic understanding on how invisible fencing for your dog should work, and if it is for you, or not for you, only you can decide if you agree with invisible fencing. Not all yards are the same, and by no means, not all dogs are the same, but it should work for most peo

How to Make Toys for Dogs

Dog toys at the pet store can get a little bit pricey, especially when you consider the longevity of each toy you buy. An economical solution to this dog toy dilemma is to make your very own, inexpensive, toys for your pup. There are plenty of household items that you can reuse that will give your d

How to Find a Dog's Breed With the Wisdom Panel MX

Many owners of mixed breed dogs wonder what breeds their dogs really are. As well as satisfying curiosity, knowing what breed your dog is can help you and your vet identify potential health conditions that are inherent in certain breeds. For those owners of mixed breed dogs, the Wisdom Panel MX bloo

5 Things to Consider When Training a Puppy

Owning a dog requires love and patience from its owner. One must start training your woolly bundle of fur as soon as possible to help your puppy to develop into the dog you dream of. This article gives you some things you will need to consider when embarking on training your puppy.

Dog Ownership - The Top Benefits

Everyone in my family loves our dog, and without doubt we have all benefited greatly from having her around. There really are so many plus points to owning a dog, and here are some of the ones that I believe most people can benefit from.

Carob for Dogs

Most dogs drool over the sight of a treat. While standard doggie biscuits are easy to pick up in the grocery store, have you considered baking your own with carob? There are many benefits to feeding your dog carob.

Favorite Dog Toys of the Dog Generation

Dogs are nice friends. Therefore, it is just fair if you too can be a nice friend to him. Dogs love to play. And they are fond with toys which they can use to tug and pull. They also love toys which they can carry, make different noises and have lights.