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How To Deal With Rejection

The deep feeling of being of less value can bring great emotional pain! Learn how to cope with rejection. Employment rejection letter, a job applicant rejection letter or any other type of rejection.

No One Else Can Take Your Place In This world

There is only one you. There is no one else like you and there will never ever be anyone else like you. You have a gift to offer that can touch the world in a way that no other person's gift can do. It is not the gift but it is you. The whole world would be denied experience of that gift withou

Swadhisthana Chakra

Swadhisthana Chakra or sacral or pubic plexus, conjoins six nerves and whose chief element being water and the element of life, is responsible for creativity, pure knowledge, inspiration, sexual desire, expressive emotions and power of concentration. As far as body endocrine system is concerned, it

How I Used The Law Of Attraction To Attract Mr Right

Note: If you don't know about The Law Of Attraction, you may not understand what I am trying to get across in this article. If you focus on what you desire, and think on paper, results happen... In this article I explain how I used The Law Of Attraction to find Mr. Right, and you can too! Seven

Self Help For Those Who Can't Deal With Conflict in Situations

Do conflicts or situations make you uncomfortable and you always run away when there is a conflict? Do you simply like to wish away the conflict and think that somehow the problem will solve on its own? This kind of internal conflict when you can't face situations can cause further irreparable


I am very enthused to address the topic of REJECTION! How you handle rejection is in direct proportion to how you maintain a persistent level of action in order to feel fulfilled and find your WHY in life.

Your Life Script

Societies and cultures have a story of how they came to be, where they are going and what it means to live in that society. In a very similar way, some individuals are said to also have a life story or myth that they believe to be true for themselves. This is what the theory of Transactional Analysi

Conscious Decisions: Your Personal Development Journey Awaits

The purpose of Wealth Masters International (WMI) is to help you grow as a conscious human being. If we want to see the world the way it really is we need to delve whole-heartedly into three main areas; health, wealth and wisdom. Everyday we make conscious decisions and personal development should b

Do I Like Me?

We have learnt how people develop their personalities through conditioning as babies and as children. How does this effect people in their lives?

Handling Holiday Stress and Mental Heath Issues With Grace

Any time of the year that a holiday comes up is often a time of high stress for just about anyone, but those that suffer from a mental health illness tend to feel the effects a lot longer. Feelings of despair, helplessness, and being overwhelmed are often common. There's a certain desire to be

NLP - The Meta Model

The Meta Model in Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a model of language, a model of questions that are used to specify information about someones experience. It is used to get clarity and exactly find out how someone is creating their experience and/or limiting themselves.

How to Make Acceptance Work For You

Do you accept people for who they are, rather than what they do? Peace comes through accepting what you cannot change. People are who they are and will do what they do without your help; so why bother?

Changing the Mindset

Our subconscious mind can, at times, sabotage our lives. The subconscious mind is the keeper of our habits and memory, so when we learn ill-placed behaviors they become our status-quo, our way of functioning.

Prayer - Time to Re Plug In

The truth is are prayers are killing us. Actually, it's the quality of our prayers that are killing us. Did you know (and there are many that don't) that it's possible to pray all night for someone or something?

Knowledge is Power

It has been a staple in developing education for centuries, and the statement goes without saying that it is 100% true. Knowledge is indeed POWER. Wealth, success, relationships all thrive off ultimate knowledge. You can ...

Free Will - Choose Well

We are all imbued with Free Will, yet, many people do not consciously choose. What are you choosing in your life? Although, you might not consciously choose, you are none-the-less choosing. You are unconsciously or consciously choosing the state you live in. You are choosing the state of your life.