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Procrastinator No More!

Procrastination is when ever we postpone a task or duty intentionally without a valuable explanation. It is a natural tendency in people. Let's face it, sometimes we are tired or a specific task is unpleasant ...

Compassionate Communication: The Art of Saying The Hard Things

Compassion Communication is an effective technique that gives us the emotional vocabulary and listening skills needed to get unstuck in challenging moments. This form of communication can work exceptionally well in personal situations and a slightly looser version can facilitate understanding in man

2 Ways to Mature, Yet Powerfully Simple Faith

There are two ideas showcased here. The first is the achievement of a mature faith that is inherently simple, though not naive. 'Simple faith' is another way of saying the gift to faith, such that the faith exemplified occurs as if it were a mystery. Those with such a simple faith can quit

Managing Your Stress For a Better Life

Unfortunately, everyone has to deal with stress on a daily basis no matter what his or her daily routine is, there is always some sort of stress. However, there is some good news though, there are many techniques that can help you get rid of everyday stress.

How To Deal With Rejection

The deep feeling of being of less value can bring great emotional pain! Learn how to cope with rejection. Employment rejection letter, a job applicant rejection letter or any other type of rejection.

No One Else Can Take Your Place In This world

There is only one you. There is no one else like you and there will never ever be anyone else like you. You have a gift to offer that can touch the world in a way that no other person's gift can do. It is not the gift but it is you. The whole world would be denied experience of that gift withou

Swadhisthana Chakra

Swadhisthana Chakra or sacral or pubic plexus, conjoins six nerves and whose chief element being water and the element of life, is responsible for creativity, pure knowledge, inspiration, sexual desire, expressive emotions and power of concentration. As far as body endocrine system is concerned, it

The Awakened Soul: Marching to a Different Drum

Within each of us is an inner orchestra and it is led by Soul, the invisible conductor of our life. We have trouble hearing this music in our modern world because we are engulfed in the clang and rush of external pressures. We often wonder why we keep mindlessly doing all the things which distract u

How I Used The Law Of Attraction To Attract Mr Right

Note: If you don't know about The Law Of Attraction, you may not understand what I am trying to get across in this article. If you focus on what you desire, and think on paper, results happen... In this article I explain how I used The Law Of Attraction to find Mr. Right, and you can too! Seven

Self Help For Those Who Can't Deal With Conflict in Situations

Do conflicts or situations make you uncomfortable and you always run away when there is a conflict? Do you simply like to wish away the conflict and think that somehow the problem will solve on its own? This kind of internal conflict when you can't face situations can cause further irreparable


I am very enthused to address the topic of REJECTION! How you handle rejection is in direct proportion to how you maintain a persistent level of action in order to feel fulfilled and find your WHY in life.