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Snapper Creek Snook

A number of years ago, too many for me to ponder, we fished the banks of Snapper Creek where it entered Biscayne Bay south of Miami for snook. Mangroves and Australian pines lined the bank of what was actually a canal that was dug as part of a flood control project in the ‘50s.

Key Items, Action Replay & Cheats for "Pokemon FireRed"

The Pokemon games are a series of role-playing games where players must capture a variety of small monsters. These games are unique, because the possible Pokemon species that can be encountered vary by each version. For this reason, connecting with other gamers is important, as it allows players to

Jigs, Molds, Sinkers and Bucktails

To save money and keep me from counting pennies while I fish, I pour my own sinkers and jig heads, and usually wrap my own bucktails. I remember growing up watching and learning from my father just how to pour lead with a sinker or jig mold. His method won't work for me today, and you'll s

FarmVille Secrets: The Ultimate Gaming Guide!

The sheer popularity of the game has meant that there are many social groups that discuss about the game and share their views. Besides, given that the game is not straight forward, FarmVille secrets are bound to be invaluable in these discussions. If you go online and search for FarmVille secrets,

Considering And Decision-making In Poker

Thinking may be the greatest preoccupation of any poker player. Superior pondering is crucial so that a participant can conquer the game and win the pot. Plus a lapse in concentration may be fatal. What ...

Math Is Fun Too

Math is Fun too is a continuation of my previous article Reading Is Fun. Here are five tips based on my own experience on what you can do to make math fun for kids.

How to Increase Your Speed in Volleyball

Volleyball is a game which requires a lot of skill and good reaction time. The extra second it takes for you to get on the ground and bump the ball up could be the difference between losing a set or winning it. In many situations, Volleyball games are extremely close, meaning the sets are played alm

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay

Staring out at open water is relaxing and completely hypnotic. It is the epitome of summer and is a time when we all feel like we are part of the same thing and come from the same place.

Online Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

Preschoolers can easily make simple crafts, but these activities can get expensive. Parents, too, may have a hard time coming up with ideas for new crafts. Craft ideas can be found online and many require very few supplies. Many online crafts have printables, instructions, and pictures that allow yo

How to Earn a Nursing Degree Online

Life just gets busier each and every year and the more responsibilities one has the more difficult it becomes to study. However, individuals interested in becoming a nurse can easily do so by studying online. ...

Hiking in the Himalayas

Trekking in the Himalayas was our annual event from school every April for one week. It was a time when we tested our survival skills, physical endurance and mental perseverance.

WoW Priest Guide - Shadows and Light

The Priest class is considered to be one of the best healing classes in the World of Warcraft. However, priests can be good damage dealers too. If you choose to play this class you will have a choice between different races. If you role horde the choice of races when it comes to the Priest class wil

Studying to Get Your Ph.D.

A doctor of philosophy degree, abbreviated Ph.D., is the highest academic degree an educational institution grants. Most Ph.D. students receive financial assistance and participate in teaching and research activities. Studying for a Ph.D. requires concentration and sustained intellectual effort over

How to Sew Placemats

Place mats are a simple sewing project with an endless amount of variations. You can make them from a single piece of fabric to keep things easy, or piece together patches of fabrics in any design you want. You can make place mats from just about any type of fabric, including calicos, pre-quilted fa