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Ideas for Pep Rallies & TAKS

The TAKS refers to the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, which tests the skills of students as young as third grade. The test is also held at the high school level, with grade 11 being the last grade students take the test. Holding pep rallies for TAKS students helps the students celebrate t

Online Education (online Hvac Degree Programs)

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It is one of the few technologies which finds itself useful almost everywhere. From automobiles to skyscrapers, this technology has paved the way for future generations to breathe a little easier. With current emphases on the environment, th

Artists in 60 Seconds - Marina Abramovic (cont.)

Performance Artist Marina Abramovic, born in the former Yugoslavia (now identifiable as a Serb and Montenegrin), was the winner of the Venice Biennale's Golden Lion in 1997. Her work draws from her family's illustrious examples, the Balkan crisis of the 1990s and Eastern philosophy. From 1

Advantages of Private High Schools

I sent my son to a public school for grades one to eight before getting fed up with the system. He just wasn't learning at a pace that was satisfactory to me, and his standardized test scores reflected that fact. Many of his teachers seemed to care about the students and did the best with what

Installing Metal Detectors in Schools

Installing metal detectors in a school is a serious decision that needs statistical data to support it. The National School Safety and Security Services website says that the majority of schools do not use metal detectors, unless they're located in a large urban area and have a history of chronic we

How to Teach Bloom's Taxonomy

Popular in the field of education, Bloom's Taxonomy was created by Benjamin Bloom in 1956. One of the key assertions supporting Bloom's educational theories is that learning is a multi-layered process, consisting of more than just information recall. Indeed, the Taxonomy is comprised of 6 categories


Oppida is the word given to the archaeological remains of fortified settlements throughout Europe by archaeologists, from a word used by Julius Caesar.

Activities for Algebra 1

Algebramath image by jaddingt from Fotolia.comAlgebra is an area of study dedicated to students exploring the relationship between numbers and their operations. For middle school and high school students, learning different concepts of math can include more than just textbook work. It can...

Hp0-M15 Study Materials

You can find a variety of materials on the internet to prepare yourself for your HP0-M15 Certification Exam. But itcerthome? Cisco training HP0-M15 Downloadable PDF Exam is the best toll to prepare fo

Get Better Grades in College With 3 Simple Steps

To get better grades in college than most average students you just need to follow a few simple steps. With these steps you will realize that going through college and nailing every test, exam or homework becomes a natural thing to do over time. Not only you will improve your grades, but you will be

A Count Tutorial for Xcode

Xcode is a powerful Integrated Development Environment, or IDE, available on Apple computers. This IDE offers a wide array of features that are useful in a number of different programming contexts. One feature of Xcode is the ability to display the line numbers in a code file, giving you a count of

How to Make Sodium Silicate or Water Glass

You can prepare sodium silicate or water glass from gel beads (silica) and drain cleaner (sodium hydroxide). Sodium silicate can be used to make chemical gardens, like those that result from Magic Rocks.

Hives Natural Remedies

Reoccurring prickly skin surface irritated skin is just about the most frustrating skin surface maladies actual in these days. The catch is that in fact per annum more people get it and year after year ...

High School Booster Club Pins Help Raise Big Money

School is back in session in many parts of the country.If your students aren’t back in classes yet, then the first day of school for them is right around the corner.It’s now time to start thinking about custom lapel pins.The small mementos have many uses and can enhance the quality and s