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How to Repair Tire Treads

Uneven tire tread can be a safety hazard. It's important to address this problem immediately to prevent any accidents. Neglecting to take care of tires that have worn-down tread can be dangerous. For example, without tread, tires can't "cut" through rain, causing the vehicle to hydroplane. Replace t

My Dyson DC14 Is Making a Ratcheting Noise

Dyson is a vacuum manufacturing company that creates a series of high-performance vacuums and promises that its machines will never use suction as long as you maintain them. If you notice a ratcheting noise coming from the vacuum, stop using it as soon as possible as this is a sign the machine is no

How to Use Arrow Rivet Tool

Arrow is an American company that manufactures several varieties of fastening tools such as staple guns, nail guns, hot glue guns, and rivet tools. The Arrow Rivet Tool is made from steel and has vinyl hand grips. The nose piece can be interchanged to accept different sizes of rivets. Rivets can be

How to Start an Outboard Mariner Motor

The correct way to start a Mariner outboard motor doesn't begin with slapstick, where someone falls in the water. It's way more pedestrian than that, almost like starting an automobile. In fact, the biggest difference between an starting an automobile and and starting an outboard lie in the fuel-de

Falken Tire Mounting Information

Consumers have many tire choices in the current marketplace, including tires manufactured by Falken Tir. You must use proper mounting procedures to attach tires to wheels. A correctly mounted tire ensures the tire's structural integrity and allows for safe driving.

How to Replace an AC Compressor on a Suburban

The Chevrolet or GMC Suburban was manufactured with optional air conditioning, which includes a compressor pump that is driven by the engine with a belt. Older models had single-belt systems, while newer Suburbans use the serpentine design. The processes to remove both are similar, but it will only

How to Fix Oil in a Harley Air Filter

The oil on a Harley Davidson motorcycle air filter is a thick, sticky oil that grabs and holds dirt and debris that pass through the air intake box. Harley owners often apply too much air filter oil to the air filter. This can damage the air intake and cause a big mess. The process for correcting th

How to Fix F-150 Brakes

The Ford F-150 braking system is made up of various components, which must be in good condition to work together. If one of the components is in disrepair, it can compromise the entire braking system. Ford recommends that you inspect your brakes regularly, replace worn brake pads and check the rotor

How to Adjust Tundra Lights

Adjusting the headlights on your Tundra doesn't take any special training that would require a professional mechanic. Checking headlights for proper adjustment, especially after a front end accident, is important for night visibility. Headlights should never be too high so they shine into oncoming