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How to Do Twisted Bangs

Long swept-to-the-side bangs are a stylish trend, but there can be times that it feels good to get your hair off of your face. The twisted bangs look allows you to do just that yet still look put-together and fashionable. Pair the twisted bangs with a ponytail or pin the ends of the twist to the sid

Mommy and Me Yoga - Benefits for Life

What can children and parents gain from practicing Yoga together?When should I start teaching Yoga to my son or daughter?What about Mommy and Me classes?Let's cover a bit of ground, and establish some realistic expectation for parents and children.

Crystal Energy Start

How to start the energy of crystals, How can I know Crystal has been started?In fact, to put it bluntly, very simple. As long as hands clasped together, The crystal ore in hand, repeated experience with the crystal and its corresponding with a layer of your chakra resonance, Or to pray for you to ac

Practice of Dharana and Balancing Poses

The practice of dharana, or Yogic concentration, is the sixth limb of Patanjali's Raja Yoga system, as outlined in depth in his Yoga Sutras. Dharana is translated as concentrating with an unwavering single-pointed focus on one object or task.

The 11 Best Sites for Online Yoga Videos

This guide points you to the best sites for online yoga videos. There are a few places on the web to find free yoga videos, but, if you can afford it, subscription sites will offer a greater variety of video options.

Important Yoga Tips For Kids

This article talks about the importance of yoga for kids. It also deals with few important yoga tips for kids and how they should follow it.

Yoga Poses - Four Simple Poses For Fast Stress Relief

Are you looking for stress relief? Yoga is a great help. You can get great results from even 10 to 15 minutes of yoga per day. Here are several simple poses which will calm and relax you, instantly.

Beginner Yoga - Studio Etiquette

When trying out different yoga studios, be mindful of the culture of the studio. Each one is different. In general, it is never appropriate to wear your shoes inside of the studio, talk to your friends during class, leave your phone on, or ignore the teacher and start doing your own poses. The best

The Different Types of Yoga

Yoga practicing are usually focused on three aspects; Asanas (physical exercise), Dhyana (meditation), and Pranayama (breathing). It has a great focus on spirituality although the blending of mind, body and spirit must be considered.