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How to Grind Tapered Tools

A tapered tool is a tool that has an edge that narrows down to a point. Tools that are tapered include knives and screwdrivers. Grinding tapered tools sharpens their edges, making them more effective in use. The tapered edges must be evenly ground and sharpened to avoid making the taper uneven or t

Water Depth & Temperature Sensor

Water and depth sensors are devices that attach to your boat. Often called a depth finder or fish finder, such devices are useful for anglers. Additionally, fish finders eliminate wasted time and other resources spent searching for fish in water that is not suitable to targeted game fish. If you are

Great River Fishing Adventures in Canada

Anglers should explore the rivers of image by Zbigniew Nowak from Fotolia.comCanada has a number of rivers that draw fishermen from all over the world. In different regions of Canada, different adventures are offered. Whatever the region the trip promises to be beautiful,...

Secret Tips for Catfishing

Catfishing a fun sport and anyone from first time fishermen to professional anglers can not resist a day on the lake going for these exciting fish to catch. Not only do people use the most ...

Fall Chinook Fishing in Vancouver, Washington

Washington state is renowned for its spectacular salmon fishing. However, with so many places to go, it is often difficult to decide where to fish. Vancouver is situated in the southwestern part of the state, next to the Columbia River, which defines the boundary between Washington and Oregon. In th

Trout Size Limits in Utah

Whether you enjoy fly fishing, lure, or good old live bait casting, fishing for trout in Utah offers a wonderful fishing experience. Regulations for the number of fish, the lures used and time of day fishing is allowed varies by state, and often changes from one water source to the next. As a respon

Causes of Brown Algae

Kelp can be attractive and useful.kelp at aquarium image by Daniel Gillies from Fotolia.comBrown algae includes about 1500 species; these multicellular organisms vary in shape and size from a small collection of filaments to giant kelp, which actually include several species of seaweed....

Kenai Fishing in Alaska

If you think of fishing in Alaska as the ice cream sundae of activities, fishing on the Kenai Peninsula is the cherry on top. This condensed region, about 60 miles wide and 75 miles long, offers well-stocked freshwater lakes and rivers, the adrenaline rush of the summer salmon run, and excellent, a

Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Guide

Pennsylvania lakes and streams offer plenty of opportunities for fly fishing. Trout, brook, perch, muskellunge, pike and pickerel abound in the state's rivers, creeks, ponds and lakes. Anglers can also find salmon in western Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) requires any

How to catch Bay Scallops in Florida

An average sized Bay Scallop produces a thumbnail-size muscle that is delicious when lightly sauteed in butter and served with linguine. Use these tips to find, catch, and clean Bay Scallops.

Fishing in Fall City, Washington

You couldn't find more hot fishing spots in Fall City, Washington if you were standing in the middle of a fish hatchery. To the east there are about 50 fishing holes, streams, rivers and reservoirs, all within a 5-minute drive or less. To the west, there are probably twice that number. Located in th

How to Make a Totem Pole in the Classroom

Totem poles are monumental sculptures created by Native American tribes, particularly in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. Some totem poles incorporate animals that have special meanings to the tribes; other totems tell the legends and tales of the clan that carved them. You can teach your students

Tips On Catfishing In Ponds

Looking for some quality cat fishing? Try the smaller ponds and lakes if you can't get to bigger impoundments. Cast your baits into shallow waters and you would be likely to catch a channel Catfish. ...

Choosing a bivvy

Excellent bivvies will keep one comfy along with free of moisture for undesirable climatic conditions. A very good carp bivvy can be a critical into a carp fisherman and you should not likely fail your ...

How to Setup a Fishing Pole

One of the joys, and one of the frustrations, of fishing is setting up your pole. There are as many different setups as there are fish in the sea, and sometimes you don’t know where to begin. Luckily, there are some basic approaches you can take to prepare your rod for the type of fishing yo

Glass vs. Graphite Rods

The first modern fly rods were constructed from ash, hickory and other woods, but bamboo was preferred if it was available. Bamboo harbors unique performance qualities that cannot be easily replicated with synthetic materials. However, due to the weighty and fragile nature of bamboo, manufacturers b

Washington Predator Fishing

Predatory fish may be caught for the sport of angling, as trophies, or as food. Their large size and strength make them attractive for all these reasons. The state of Washington offers many opportunities to catch predator fish.

How Do Manatees Move Around?

Large Sea MammalsManatees belong to a group of sea mammals called sirenians after the centuries-old belief that the manatees were singing mermaids known as sirens. Even though they must breathe air, their immense size requires them to remain underwater their entire lives. Closely related...