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Leveraging LinkedIn for the Sales Professional

If you've been reading my blog you can tell by now I like writing on personal experiences. Well, last night I was with a close friend of mine who understands my passion for internet marketing. While throwing back a few dozen oysters and a couple of beers, he expressed his frustration with the P

27 Ways to Make Smarter Use of LinkedIn

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you no doubt incorporate social media into your overall online marketing strategy. For many online marketers, Facebook and Twitter are the two top social media sites of choice. LinkedIn, "the professional networking site," on the other hand, is of

Social Media - It's Not Just for Kids Anymore, This Is Big Business Now Boys

Social Media has completely transformed the information age, and changed the entire dynamics of entertainment and life in America, and not just here, but around the world. Some say for the better; others tell a cautionary tale of possible futures. I see both good and bad, and highly disruptive chall

How to Create a Killer Facebook Profile For Your Online Business

I'm sure you're well aware, or should be well aware, the awesome power that social media has afforded us with regards to direct communication to anyone in the world at anytime. The social media landscape has changed the way many businesses market their product or services because they see

Squidoo - Showcase a Photographer

This article explains how to use Squidoo to showcase the work of your favorite photographer.There is an endless supply of great photographers on Flickr that you can choose from. This article explains how to showcase a photographer and what safeguards you should have in place to protect their copyrig

Internet Marketing Strategies for Social Networking Sites

It would have been intriguing for you, as a teenager, to see how different social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook etc work. After growing up and getting into some real Internet Marketing stint, you might not be bothered so much about these websites. I must tell you then, that you are making

The Top 7 Facebook and Twitter Strategies That Are Working RIGHT Now

One of the great things about the work I do is that I have a birds eye view of what's working and what's not when it comes to social media. Every so often I like to give sort of a "state of the union" on Facebook and Twitter best practices, because as I am sure you know, social m

To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Timing Is Key

More and more businesses are reaching out to social media as a way of reaching more customers and promoting their brand to the public. Being an effective social media presence goes far beyond creating Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. While social media runs on a 24/7 cycle, there are times when

How to Use twhirl to Optimize Your Twitter Experience

twhirl's interface is a very simple, one-thing-at-a-time program that lets you focus on one aspect of your Twitter life. The friend timeline from your Twitter home page is in default view - known to twhirl as a panel. But twhirl actually has eight panel is total and you may navigate around them

Spy On Your Brand's Reputation Using Social Media

One of the great things about having a social media presence for your business on the internet is that it encourages people to talk about what they think of your products and services. People use the internet more and more to voice their opinions on anything, and the ability to share little one line

Social Network Marketing in the Digital Age

So what the heck is Social Network Marketing?Social Network Marketing, while still in its infancy, has the potential to be the most viral, powerful and compelling form of advertising ever created.That being said it also has the potential to be the most destructive.

Using Digg For Driving Traffic

Digg is a common platform where people can share/explore content (text, images and videos) with each other. Since its inception in 2004, Digg is being used by millions of users from different parts of the globe for sharing rich contents.

Make Money Through Facebook - Fun and Work at the Same Time

There is hardly any person who has not heard about Facebook. It is a prominent social networking website that is used by millions of people from all over the world. Most of the people use Facebook for finding old friends and colleagues and also for making new friends and acquaintances. However, did

Best Social Bookmarking Tool

Social bookmarking is now an integral part for all online businesses. Social booking is key to success for those who have a business website, running a blog or simply promoting their business on web pages. In very simple words, we can say that everyone attached to internet is also attached to bookma

Twitter Tips

Twitter is a social networking forum where people answer the question "What Are You Doing?" in 140 characters or less.So you basically add a short note to update your friends, relatives or customers on you present activity.This article will focus on why people use Twitter and how to use it