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Gold Spotted Rabbitfish

The gold-spotted rabbitfish (S. punctatus) is a rather large species that can reach a maximum length of almost 16 inches, with most individuals staying under 12. It can be found around the Philippines, Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, Palau, the Ryukyu Islands, the Ogasawara Islands, the Mar

Easy Methods to Eliminate Cloudiness in Aquariums and Fish Ponds

Are you are among the many individuals looking for tips on how to clean up a cloudy fish pond or aquarium? Have you carried out just about everything the professionals say to do, yet you've still got cloudy water? Then the advice in this article should be of help.

How to Choose the Best Koi Fish Food

There are so many different kinds of food you can feed your koi. If you're like most people you probably wonder which koi fish food will provide the optimum nutritional value at the best possible price.

Saltwater Fish Tank - Tricks to Make Your Saltwater Aquarium Clear and Clean

Nothing is more beautiful then a crystal clear clean saltwater aquarium full of healthy thriving marine fish. Unfortunately many people struggle to attain such a stunning saltwater fish tank. This article will help those people by giving some effective and proven tips and tricks to keep your saltwat

How Do You Medicate Fish?

Treatment of fish diseases can be complex and it is affected by several factors including the pathogen (and the critical life cycle stages), efficacy, safety, water parameters (volume, temperature, pH, alkalinity (KH), general hardness (GH), dissolved oxygen, movement), fish species, tank type, filt