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How to Attract Chickadees to a Birdfeeder

The Black-Capped Chickadee can be found in most northern states of the U.S., including Alaska, and the southern Canadian provinces. During the summer months, the tiny chickadee seeks the shelter of wooded areas and feeds primarily on insects. In late fall and early winter, chickadees return to feede

How to Bond With an African Gray Bird

The African gray parrot is considered the best talker of any parrot species and as intelligent as a 5-year old human child. The birds can easily live 80 years under ideal conditions, are sensitive and loving, and typically bond closely with one person. An African gray requires love, interaction and

The Best Pet Bird for Children

A bird can be an appropriate pet for a child if a few things are taken into consideration before heading off to the pet store or breeder. You should base your decision on both the breed's temperament and your child's maturity level and personality. Also, keep in mind that birds can live as long a

History of the Parakeet

Parakeets, or budgerigars, are hardy, small birds that are naturally social. The Egyptians were the first to keep birds in captivity, and Queen Hatsheput (1504-1482 B.C.), actually had a zoo that included birds, according to Julie Rach Mancini's book, "Parakeet." Birdkeeping spread to ancient Greece

How to Build a Little Bird House

A wide variety of colorful birds grace the skies of North America. Birds such as bluebirds, finches, robins and woodpeckers bring new life and entertainment to everyday life. Bird watching is an enjoyable activity for children of all ages as well as for adults. Build a small bird house and encourage

Canary Dog Behavior

The canary dog, also known as the Presa Canario, is a breed originating from the islands of Tenerife and Gran Canaria in the Canary Archipelago. It is known for its superior guarding abilities and noble temperament.

Five Finch Breeding Tips

Tips to keep in mind when breeding finches. Sexing or identifying the sex of your birds, items needed for breeding, things to look for during reproduction, weaning and separation.

How to Care for Silkies

Unique, personable and endearing are just a few words used by silkie owners to describe the breed. Typically raised as pets or egg layers, silkes are renowned for their broody nature, and excel at raising not only their own young, but also the young of other birds, including water fowl. They respond

GBWC, The 2nd Global Bird Watcher's Conference 2012

The 2nd Global Bird Watchers' Conference being held from January 19-22, 2012, is an endeavour to not only showcase this strength of Gujarat; but importantly to also deliberate on how to prese

Birds - The Budgerigar

All you need to know about the Budgerigar's environment, how to train a budgerigar and how to choose one as a pet.

Buying a Tripod Spotting Scope

Bird watching, star gazing, hunting, and other pursuits can be improved through the use of a tripod spotting scope. It is critical to point out that you will certainly not be able to get the most out

Parrot Lovers

Ever wonder why parrot loves play such an important part in the development of young parrots? This question will be answered on this article for parrot lovers. If you want to become a birds lover, then it is much better to start growing with a parrot lovers' carefully reared parrot. Becoming th

How to Build Bamboo Nest Boxes for Birds

Roughly 80 species of birds nest in cavities and thus are likely to use a nest box, according to The Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Some species are more likely to nest in boxes of a specific size and shape. By following the steps below you can build a nest box that is optimal for attracting all kinds