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How To Compute Military Retirement Pay

Due to recent changes in retirement options, the military now offers an especially desirable retirement pay program. Your date of entry into service determines which of the three non-disability retirement plans applies to you. If you entered the military before Sept. 8, 1980, your pay will be calcul

Cheap Car Insurance Los Angeles

Los Angeles is home to many motorists. The vast numbers of car dealerships serve as evidence proving how important transportation for Los Angeles residents is. Vehicles are one of the most important aspects of our ...

How to Get Rent Assistance in Peoria, Illinois

Low-income residents of Peoria, Illinois, who have difficulty keeping up with their rent payments may qualify for assistance through the Peoria Public Housing or Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher programs. Peoria Public Housing offers low-income families subsidized housing in a limited number of Peor

How to Remove Bank Returned Check Fees

Accidents happen. We have all forgotten a latte we purchased, a $20 ATM withdrawal or to make an account transfer. Unfortunately, sometimes these oversights lead to costly returned-check fees. But it doesn't have to be the end of the world; there are times when fees can be avoided or the money can b

Ideas to Make Fast Money

If you need cash quickly to pay debts, make a purchase or pay for needed repairs to your home or vehicle, turn to one of many sources of fast money. Depending on how much time and effort you put into it, you could be earning hundreds of dollars per month through any of these part-time...

Withdrawal Penalties on Certificates of Deposit

When you buy a certificate of deposit, also known as a CD, you are lending a financial institution a sum of money for a specific period of time. Financial institutions use CD money to fund lending. If you close your CD prior to maturity, the CD issuer has to give you a refund, which can prove diffic

IRA Rollover Solutions

IRA rollovers are one method for moving money from one IRA to another IRA. IRAs are tax sheltered retirement plans. These plans defer income tax on the money inside of the account. But, your IRA may not have all of the investment options you want. If this is the case, you must know how a rollover is

How to create a Printable Monthly Bill Organizer

Here is an easy way to manage your finances by creating a printable monthly bill organizer. These free expense worksheets are printable making them both user friendly and versatile.

IRA Withdrawals for a Health Care Savings Account

HSAs are "health savings accounts." These accounts allow you to contribute money to a tax-free account. This money can later be used to pay for your health care costs. These accounts are purchased in conjunction with a high-sdeductible health plan (HDHP). Along with paying for health care costs, you

Basic Budget Percentages

For many people, the idea of creating a budget for their household expenses has the same appeal as going to the dentist. However, budgeting for your household can help you better manage your money. If you consider what's a typical percentage for the average household versus the percentage of your in

How to Wire Money to a Prepaid Credit Card

Money can be wired or transferred on many, but not all prepaid credit cards. The ones that have this capability are referred to as "re-loadable" prepaid cards. So the first step is to make sure that the card has this capability. MoneyGram handles most prepaid Visa cards. Western Union ha

Claimed IRA Deduction on Taxes But Did Not Deposit Money in Time

You filed your income tax return as soon as you received your W-2 and took a deduction for a contribution to your individual retirement account, or IRA, planning to make the deposit before the deadline. An unexpected expense, however, prevented you from depositing the money in your IRA. Perhaps you

Key Characteristics of Interest-Bearing Bank Accounts

You can find a variety of different interest-bearing accounts at most banks. Some of these accounts are designed to hold short-term savings while others are geared towards long-term savers. You can access some accounts online or at automated teller machines while you have to make an in-person visit

How a Mortgage Works

A mortgage is a long-term loan used to purchase a home or commercial property. Obtaining a mortgage allows home owners to pay off the cost of a home over several years and make interest payments to the lending institution.

A Method of How to Prepare a Bank Reconciliation Statement

Reconcile your monthly bank statement upon receipt to your check book register. This will protect you from over drawing your account with the bank or from missing errors that need to be corrected immediately. You need to list down on two separate columns all differences shown between the ending cash

How Does Bill Consolidation Work?

What is Bill Consolidation?Bill consolidation is converting several smaller bills into one larger bill. Bill consolidation is usually done with loan bills, such as bills for credit cards, car loans and student loans. When debts are consolidated, a lender buys out several debt obligations...

How Much Does the Average Puppy Cost Within the First Year?

Puppy owners spend an average $1,977 during the dog's first year of life -- with overall costs ranging from $6,600 to $500, according to the Pet Education website. These costs depend largely on breed you buy or receive; other expenses include veterinary bills, food and supplies.

How Much Does a Medical & Clinical Assistant Get Paid?

A medical or clinical assistant performs administrative and clinical duties to aid physicians give effective patient care. She is a key member of the team at a medical facility, helping it to run smoothly. To do so, she may be responsible for maintaining patient records, taking patients' measurement

Help With Rent Assistance

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides help with rent to low-income households. These rental assistance programs help to ensure that low-income families have access to safe and decent housing options. Seniors and people with disabilities also qualify for these programs. Contac

How to File an Unemployment Extension

Employees who have been laid off because of budget cutbacks or other circumstances beyond their control typically can claim unemployment insurance. UI benefits supplement an employee's income while he looks for work. The benefits are temporary. Typically, they last for 26 weeks. Emergency benefits f