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The King of Blood Pressure Reduction

A certain berry has been criticized as too high in calories, or too expensive, as the reason it isn't eaten more. And yet study after study routinely turn up with evidence of incredible power held ...

Eating Healthy Foods - What to Feed a Teenager

Let's begin to look at what teenagers eat and how to help them to discover what is really the best stuff to eat. As parents, we need to see what they are eating and start providing substitutes that are actually healthy!

The Amega Global Vita Flask - Lance Armstrong's Missing Link

The only possible thing missing from Lance Armstrong's Madone SL frame, and the one thing that could have brought the 7 time Tour de France champion a few more crowns, may have actually been an ENERGIZED water bottle. Where could he have found one?

How Important Is The B12 Vitamin To Your Health?

As you can see the importance of the B12 vitamin can't be stressed enough.Although easy to absorb from the consumption of food an improper diet could result in a deficiency that could prove hazardous to your health and daily living.

How to calculate bmi

Advise on how to calculate bmi with information on changing health risk lifestyles from bmi results.

Midday Snacking - Tips for Success

So many times between meals our bodies need to have that extra bit of energy and nutrition to tie us over and to keep going. This leads to cravings, which are sometimes insatiable, and need to be satisfied immediately.

Can You Identify at Least 3 Trans Fat Foods?

Pretty much everyone these days knows that trans fats are bad for you - and if you don't, well then you should! But simply knowing this fact doesn't mean that you know which foods contain trans fats. And that's a dangerous position to be in. Before you read the following article, see

Nutrition Affects Brain Function

Many people never even think about how nutrition affects their brain function. Even people that take multi-vitamins don’t fully understand the benefits. Here are some reasons you need to be aware of the benefits.

Middle Age Nutrition and the Fad Diet

Fad diets are fashionable diets that generally do not result in long-term weight loss. Fad diets are often dangerous to your health if undertaken for a long duration as they often eliminate many important food groups from your diet...

Wheat and Type O's

In our modern times there are so many reasons to maintain our health; especially since our diets are usually loaded with junk food and empty calories. Various diet products have been offered by nutrition experts and there is a "quick fix" for just about any health or weight issue.

Use Natural Brain Nutrition to Feel Better Mentally

Every individual on this planet depends upon their brains to take them to the rigors of the day, which include work and family life. People generally do not analyze it but there is a need ...