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How to Sew a Scottish Sash

The sash is the easiest piece of Scottish garb to sew, requiring only the hemming of edges. A good length for wrapping and draping with kilts, wedding gowns and more is 2 1/2 yards of tartan. This amount of fabric will allow you to make at least two full-size sashes, each 12 inches wide with a 1/2-

About Your Rights as a United States Citizen

A United States citizen is defined as anyone born or naturalized within the jurisdiction of the United States of America or its territories. The body of the original Constitution defines only the three branches of government: Legislative, judicial and executive. Citizens' rights are outlined in the

Scanderbeg, General Of The Eagles By Tim Lezi

Renowned translator, inventor and author Tim Lezi brings the story of Scanderbeg to life in Scanderbeg, General of the Eagles. Before reading it, it is helpful to have an understanding of the history of Scanderbeg and the Eagles. This big picture will help to explain the events in Tim Lezi's no

How to Wear a Tartan Sash

The tartan sashes worn by the women of Scotland had great significance in regard to honoring their Scottish clan and family. The sashes themselves were articles to be treasured--being made of fine wool, they were quite expensive to make, and the checkered cloth was handled with great care. Additiona

Superdelegate Math

The North Kansas City School District either did not feel it was important to teach us the system in which we elect our President or ... this is the one I am leaning towards... they simply could not figure it out. Whichever the case may be, I must admit to you that every four years I think I have th

A One Word Experiment - Peace?

I asked my partner to give me one word to write an article about and she gave me "peace". These lines are what I've come up with.

The Maoists Challenge in India

A very thin line divides the Maoists extremism from other typical forms of terrorism. Mindless mass killing, brutal extermination of detractors and critics, destruction of state property are among the many common features of the terrorist doctrine that fits well with the Maoists 'revolutionary&

Capitalist Economic System Features

A capitalist economic system is based on freedom and utility of individuals and firms. Adam Smith was the first economist who described the capitalist economy and its basic characteristics in his book, "The Wealth of Nations." Under this system, resources are privately owned and market forces determ

Progressive Vs. Liberal

The meanings of political terminology and labels often shift with the passage of time. In the United States, the definition of political identities and outlooks such as "liberal" and "progressive" can vary greatly depending on the context in which they are used.

Avoiding a Fate like Mars for Earth: Life on Planet in Imminent Danger

Ignoring Global Warming risks precipitating a Global Pan-Famine/Starvation from Africa, right into Europe, the United States, and Canada, unless in can be stopped and reversed in a very timely manner.Such a milieu would occur with soaring temperatures, destoying the oceans, with corresponding record

Hemp Means No More Oil Drilling

I do not use, grow, buy, sell, or possess hemp or pot (or any other illegal substance). However, I have learned the truth about hemp.

The Different Flags in the Costa Rican Civil War

The Costa Rican Civil War lasted 44 days, when exiled opposition leader Jose Figueres returned to fight the Calderon-Picaro government after the disputed elections of 1948. Figureres, or Don Pepe, was training a militia with both local and foreign elements on one of his farms while in exile.

US Patent 6630507: The Nail in the Drug War Coffin?

The nail in the coffin of the US War on Drugs is a medical marijuana patent owned by the federal government. At least, it should have been the fatal mistake of a dying concept, but it wasn't. Instead, the War on Drugs has sloshed onward, buoyed largely by the predation of the government on mari

Fundraising Ideas in Los Angeles

If you live in Los Angeles, or your company or organization is taking a trip out to Tinseltown, then you might be looking for a fundraising idea utilizing the different facilities Los Angeles has to offer. Think about creating an event where you can get a large amount of participation from your comp

How to Email the Governor of Maryland

The governor of Maryland's primary role is to run the state. The governor is elected by the people of Maryland and holds the office for four years. Citizens and residents of Maryland are free to email the governor at any time via the Office of the Governor website. The governor's private email addre

Hopeless Presidential Debates

Returning home after some weeks abroad can be a telling experience. The press and television seem to have forgotten crimes, invasions, college shootouts and recent recalls of one hundred million cans of a hundred different foodbrands in favor of the presidential debates. I had to ask.

Social Structures in America

Social theory prescribes that society is composed of different groups and individuals that have a pattern of relationships with one another. The organizations of these individuals or groups, which is never fixed and always changing, are defined as social structures. Social structures in America tend

How to Attach a Flag to a Flagpole

A flag can be attached to a flagpole a right way and a wrong way. A common mistake that some make when attaching a flag to a flagpole is to put the tension of the halyard (the looped rope) directly on the flag, using the flag to complete the loop. Doing so unnecessarily shortens the life of the flag

Voting Rights Act of 1957

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is generally considered to be the move that guaranteed everyone the right to vote in the United States, but the law actually got its start at 1957.