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Summer BBQ Theme Parties

This year when you're hosting that dinner party or entertaining family and friends, why not make it a theme party?

Rob Ford Jokes

The funniest late-night jokes ridiculing Toronto's crack-smoking mayor, Rob Ford.

How to Become a Member of the Time Traveler's Wives Club

Life is unpredictable, and even more so if you are married to a Time Traveler. He is born with a rare genetic condition called "Chrono Displacement Disorder." As with any disorder, you have to adapt to what life has dealt him and this condition is no different. This manual describes how to

It's A Blurb! It's A Blame! It's Super Committee!

It was August, it was hot as heck, and the situation was dire. The president needed his credit limit increased in time for the holidays, or the world would be destroyed! So he took the sort of drastic action only a career politician with vast experience in community organizing could take: he appoint

Growing Protests

A political cartoon showing evidence the Occupy Wall Street protests are growing.


A funny demotivational poster poking fun at George W. Bush.

Ashley Doyle- Dining in Style in Mumbai India

A Dabbawala. The word literally means "box person", is a person in India, generally in the city of Mumbai, who is employed in a unique service industry whose primary business is collecting the freshly cooked ...

Tips Pertaining To Merchandising Discarded Vehicle Online

The Net is an efficient start out while looking for the right way to sell your car just as discard. There are a number businesses that offer online learning resources for example free of charge prices in the car or truck you have got. Utilize these stategies to reap the benefits money from the auto

A Little Wall Street Christmas Humor For the Holidays

This is a Christmas joke for those who work on Wall Street and are tired of the SEC insider trading rules. Apparently, at a news conference at the North Pole, Santa Corporation announced its new plans to the public. The Public being the 15-Eskimos in the nearby village, 44 Polar Bears, and the local


Pictures of people who are hoping laser removal prices go down.

7 Silly But Fun Things You Can Do While In Adelaide

I just recently joined FourSquare (a location based social networking site). FourSquare is cool because it lets you discover interesting things to see and do in your city but like any social networkin

Clinton Party of Two

A political cartoon depicting the 2008 Democratic Convention as the Clinton Convention.