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DIY Desk Organizers

You can make your own desk organizers from some unlikely materials. Who would have thought that last night's soup can, your morning cereal box or that tuna can from preparing your lunch would take a new form on your desk to help you get organized? You can make desk organizers from many household ite

The Elements of Decoration - Restraint

Perhaps the greatest danger when one starts to practice decoration, is that of carrying things to excess. Restraint is necessary in all forms of art and is evident in knowing when a work is finished and it is time to stop adding more features. It is the lack of this quality that has produced the dec

Compare Mattress Toppers

A plethora of mattress toppers flood the market, and deciding which one to purchase can seem like a daunting task. Memory foam, egg crate pads and down-filled toppers are just a few of the choices. However, if you compare several mattress-top characteristics, you can narrow down your search and sele

How to Upgrade Home Entrance Doors

The entrance door is among the first things people notice about your home. Updating the door modernizes the look of your home and can improve the security of the home, too. The project involves removing the old door and placing the new door in the opening. Do-it-yourselfers with adequate carpentry s

Finding "the Look" For Your Business And Office

If you're trying to find "The Look" for your business or office, the chances are that you've already discovered how difficult it can be to integrate design features. Colour, tones, and textures are the big issues, particularly when you're dealing with spaces where blinds are

When's the Best Time to Prune Lantana?

When should you prune lantana? To decide on the best time to cut it back, first determine whether the shrubs are evergreen or not in your area.

How to Put Up Pre-Pasted Wall Borders

A wallpaper border adds definition and design to a room's perimeter. Though wallpaper may have been a thing of the past, modern designs are making a comeback in the wallpaper industry. A variety of colors and designs are commonly seen in kitchens, bathrooms and children's rooms. You can often purcha

Taking Care of Home Air Con System

As the international warming effects enhance, additional air conditioning models are set up in homes and offices. There are various sorts of domestic air conditioning techniques in your picking. It is possible to look at ...

Examples of Window Coverings for a Mediterranean-Style Home

A simple square of lace can add Mediterranean style to any window in your home.window and lace image by JLycke from Fotolia.comMediterranean-style window treatments add light and movement to any room. These simple window treatments are common to homes on the north side of the...

How to Build a Simple Book Shelf

Home improvement stores offer kits that make book shelves, both plain and elaborate. While these kits have everything you need in one convenient box, you cannot pick your own design and the price may be higher than you want to pay. Create your own kit for a simple book shelf by purchasing all of the

How to Decorate With Bookcases

Bookcases are a versatile decorating tool. Primarily designed to store books, bookcases also create the perfect environment for collectibles, whimsical finds and family mementos. A well-dressed bookcase doesn't have to be purchased new. You can find bookcases in basements, attics and yard sales. A f

Tips for Paint Touch Ups

Touching up any paint chips and scratches around your home is a good way to keep the walls and trims looking healthy and colorful. Even if you're just painting over some stains and smudges, knowing the tricks of the trade helps make your life much easier and your job much quicker.

DIY: Outdoor Sofa

Cinder blocks might not be the first material that comes to mind when you think about making your own outdoor sofa, but they can be used to make a quirky piece of furniture. These blocks, readily available cheaply from your local home store, are heavy so be careful if you're using them on a raised p


While male deer, moose, reindeer, caribou, and elk all grow antlers, the latter's bony crown is a favorite among designers who delight in transforming them into one-of-a-kind chandeliers. Elk antlers are particularly prized because they ...

Glass Candle Sconces Liven Up the Room

If you want something elegant to add to your collection of glass furniture, try the glass candle sconces and you will definitely achieve the effect that you want. Glasses are very sophisticated pieces of modern furniture.

5 Creative Details That Can Bring a Home to Life

Details, details, details... it's amazing how the smallest elements in our home can often times make the biggest impact. If you've recently become bored with certain areas in your home, don't start planning for a big home remodel just yet. Small changes can completely change the look

Wide Shower Curtain

The wide shower curtain will give to your bathroom a better look because these are interesting and you will see that these have a special significance. The interior design is very important nowadays because you are not anymore judged for what you are and for the way you are, you are judged depending

Celtic Home Decorating

Your home decor should reflect your personal style, heritage, interests and personality. For those with a Celtic or Scottish heritage, a home can be decorated to easily highlight the owner's Celtic heritage through the use of certain symbols, colors, furniture and rugs. Celtic culture is known for

Creating a High End Look With Paint

Feeling like you got a bargain when you are picking out furniture is fun for everyone, but creating a piece that looks high end on a budget is even more fun. So when you get your piece of bargain furniture home, break out a can of paint and get busy working your magic.