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Hardwood Cleaning Solutions

Hardwood floors add value to your home and provide an elegant, down-home charm to any decor. When you care for and clean your hardwood floors properly, they will last a lifetime. Create inexpensive hardwood cleaning solutions yourself to cleanse and shine your wood floors without harsh chemicals.

How to Remove Anti-Theft Tags

If you've ever purchased a DVD, Blu-ray or video game from a retail store you are no doubt familiar with the concept of the the "anti-theft" tag. These thin plastic strips are affixed to the top, bottom and right side of a disc case. The theory is that they make the disc inside the case more difficu

How to Make a Copper Roof Turn Green

There are a few ways to turn a copper roof green. The first is time; the natural process of oxidation and the attack from airborne sulfur particulates allows untreated copper roofs to gain a blue-green patina that softens its bright pinkish color. Depending on where you live and the humidity in the

What to Look for in Gas Grills?

Few things describe summer better than a backyard barbecue session after a day at the park or pool. When comparing grills, gas grills offer faster start-up times compared to traditional charcoal grills. If trying to choose which gas grill to buy leaves you feeling like a hot dog on an open flame, do

How to Clean the Black Rings on the Stove Top

The black rings on your stovetop, or the electric coils, can seem daunting, especially when they are covered with layers of spilled food. Over time, food can crust onto the coils and stick, especially if you use the stovetop again without cleaning it. You can easily clean the coils on your stove usi

How to Repair a Buckled Wood Floor From Water Damage

Repairing water-damaged hardwood floors varies in complexity. By the time the wood has actually buckled from the water damage (caused by the wood soaking up the water and swelling), replacement of the boards is necessary. Try to match the boards as closely to the original wood of the floor as possib

Lemon Juice to Get Rid of Spots

Lemon juice benefits your skin. It not only possesses vitamin C and astringent-like properties, but the acid in lemon juice is enough to lighten dark spots and blemishes on your skin, according to Dr. Jerome Z. Litt of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Knowing how to use lemon juic

How to Get Rid of Nicotine Smell in Walls

Nicotine causes lasting damage to ceilings and walls over time including stains and lingering smells. Some of these may be removed depending on the length of exposure, but if it has been exposed for a very long period of time the stains and smells may not come out entirely. In this case, it may be n

How to Remove Scratches From Plastic Trim

Scratches are an inevitable part of any home furnishing's life. But luckily, scratch marks left on plastic trim are easy to get rid of thanks in large part to the advances made in auto technology. Yes, auto technology, because the array of plastic treatments and plastic paints that have been designe

Smoke Damage Cleaning Supplies

Smoke damage is not something a homeowner ever plans on dealing with. The fact is, smoke damage is inevitable when your house is damaged or even ruined by a fire. Smoke sticks to everything in a smoke-damaged house, including clothes, carpets, walls and furniture. Not only does smoke make your entir

How to Get Off Chipped Paint

Chipped paint can ruin an otherwise beautiful and sturdy piece of furniture. Removing chipped paint with a paint stripper can transform the furniture. This is because the furniture can then be stained or painted with a fresh finish. Using a paint stripper is easy to do, but you need to be careful as

Should You Use Solid Metals for Exterior Lighting?

Solid metal fixtures are the fixtures of choice when it comes to exterior lighting. They better resist the elements, are easier to clean, and maintain their beauty for years. Plastic fixtures may be more cost-effective, but they pale in comparison.

How to Get Scentsy Wax off My Microsuede Sofa

Scentsy brand wax is melted in a candle warmer to prolong the life of the wax. As a 25-watt bulb in the lower portion of the warmer melts the wax, the fragrance wafts through your room. Similar to other brands or homemade candles, when Scentsy wax is spilled on your microsuede sofa, the result is a

How to Remove Molding Without Damaging the Wall

Floor replacement, door and window replacement and large-scale remodeling efforts are just a few reasons you might need to remove the current molding in your home. Removing the molding without damaging the wall is the top priority for this task. Damage to sheetrock can be complicated to repair, and

How to Clean Dropped Ceiling Panels

Also referred to as a drop or suspended ceiling, a dropped ceiling is composed of a 2 x 2 foot or 2 x 4 foot grid, with panels that drop into predetermined sections of the grid. This secondary ceiling is versatile enough to disguise electrical wiring, pipes and ductwork, without the permanence of a

How to Rust Corrugated Metal

Rusting corrugated metal can add a unique look to a roof and other corrugated metal items. Over time, unsealed corrugated metal exposed to moisture and outdoor elements will rust on its own. If the natural rusting process is not fast enough for your liking, corrugated metal items can be made to rust

How to Remove a Grape Seed Oil Stain From a Pan

Grape seed oil is recommended for cooking at high heats since it has a high smoke point. While grape seed oil is perfect for cooking, it may cause tough stains on your pots and pans over time. Oil stains can be particularly difficult to remove from the surface of a pan, and high heat may cause the s

Can You Wash a Dry Clean Only Comforter?

Dry cleaning is a process that uses liquid solvents and dry heat to remove stains and odors, rather than using water on the fabric. Depending on the fabric used in the creation of your comforter, you may be able to skip the dry cleaning and clean the comforter at home.

How to Clean Bathroom Shower Tiles

Shower tiles can harbor mold and soap scum thanks to the moisture present in the bathroom. Cleaning shower tiles does not have to be a tough job--there are many tools available to make shower cleaning a breeze. Use a scrubber with a long handle to reach high areas. Make the tiles and grout shine wit

How to Get Gummy Candies Out of Carpet

Taking care of your carpet helps ensure that it looks better and lasts longer. Proper care involves cleaning it often and regularly, spot cleaning stains as soon as they occur. If you don't remove a stain quickly, you risk the stain becoming a permanent part of the carpet. Sticky stains, such as tho