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How to Tea Stain Glazed Walls

Tea staining glazed walls is an interesting way to add different shades of color to a room. By using the tea stain, walls will have several layers of color intensity. Tea stain is a creamy, brown glaze that works best when paired with a cream-colored base coat of paint. It takes a minimum of three c

How to Make a Small Plywood Shed

Premanufactured, flat-pack sheds are available in all shapes and sizes from home improvement warehouses, and fully assembled versions are typically on display in the parking lot. Before arriving at any decisions on making your own shed at home, take a trip to a couple of stores and learn how their s

How to Lay Ceramic Tile Over a Cement Floor

Laying ceramic tile over a cement floor is really no different than laying tile on any other surface. After you've laid out your guide lines you trowel on thinset mortar, rake grooves through it and start setting the individual tiles. But before you can start doing this you have to make sure that th

How to Build a Wattle & Daub House

Building a wattle and daub house recreates a historical method of building. Wattle and daub are a method of incorporating a basket-like wall (wattle) with an earthen layer (daub) that is plastered into and around the wattle. This method was combined with other methods to form a house. Though the wat

How to Re-Stick Tile on the Wall

Tile adhesive becomes brittle over time, causing the tile to loosen or fall off the wall. If this problem is confined to just a few tiles, repairing it avoids total replacement. Do-it-yourself tile repair is moderately easy and saves the money that would otherwise go toward paying for a professional

Instructions on Laying Tile Over Vinyl

Vinyl was the floor covering of choice for the 1970s and while some may appreciate the retro look, to others it simply feels outdated. Whether you want to update a room or cover over old or damaged vinyl, laying tile over the top is an ideal solution. Tiling may seem like a job best left to professi

Comparison of Bar Fridges

If you prefer to entertain friends at home instead of meeting them at your local pub, a residential bar may be part of your home's layout. In addition to stocking the bar with glassware and snacks, you'll need a place to keep beverages cold. Shoppers will find four main styles of bar fridges. They m

How to Write a HOA Board Member Letter

A Homeowners Association, also called an HOA, serves several purposes depending on the property. For example, you may rely on the HOA board members to make decisions regarding community safety, use of common recreation areas or parking matters. Whether or not you are a board member, writing a letter

Metal Cleaving vs. Shearing

Shearing is a process used to fabricate metal for various uses. Cleaving may be used as a synonym for shearing when referring to cutting straight lines in flat metal stock.

How to Silence a Slamming Door

Having a loudly slamming door in your house can really rattle your nerves. But, you can put an end to the noise. There are several easy and effective ways to silence slamming doors, but installing a door closer is one of the most effective.

How to Replace Sheet Rock Corners

Crumbling walls or punctures caused by rowdiness are not welcome developments for homeowners. Luckily, repairing and replacing sheet rock, also called drywall, is as simple as it is to install. Corners of drywall often garner the most wear and tear in a home, due to how they stick out more than a no

Pros & Cons of a Steam Room

With temperatures reaching 114 degrees Fahrenheit, steam bathing provides a host of physical benefits but can also pose certain risks. These risks range in seriousness, so it's important to weigh the pros and cons before using a steam room.

How to Calculate Board Feet on My ProjectCalc Tutorial

A ProjectCalc is a calculator that makes conversions for ordering building materials for lumber, rock, concrete, drywall and gardening supplies. Some lumber yards sell their products in board feet. Instead of ordering the amount of boards you need by their size you need to know the total board feet

How to Add Color to Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile is prized for the bright colors often displayed on it, but that doesn't necessarily mean that you'll always be happy with the color porcelain on your wall or floor. If you have porcelain tile that's not the color you want, and the tile itself is structurally in good shape, you may wan

How to Insulate a Square Duct

Square or rectangular-shaped metal ducts are used to distribute hot air from a furnace and cool air from an air conditioner in homes with forced-air HVAC systems. The ducts travel throughout the house, branching off to blow the air into different rooms through vents. You can make the ducts more ener

How to Remove Tile From a Bathroom Shower Wall

If you have damaged or loose tiles in your shower, and you do not remove and replace them, you could end up with worse wall damage as water makes its way behind the tiles and the neighboring tiles. You should remove the affected tiles and either re-set or replace them. To do this, you have to first

How To Build Shelves for Baskets

Baskets are one of the handiest tools for keeping a house neat and organized. They are available in such a variety of colors and style, every décor can benefit from their use. At the last minute, anything can go in a basket. Ahead of time, baskets are great for organizing an office, family room

How to Redo Bathroom Floors Without Ripping Up the Tiles

Worn or outdated tiled bathroom floors can be a real hardship to replace, because they won't come up easily, and you're not sure what you'll find underneath. If the floor is in good enough shape and there are no loose or broken tiles, you can go right over it with a floating floor, which will make t

How to Lay Tile on Exterior Concrete Steps

Tile is a commonly used finish material in just about every region of the world, and is made in a seemingly endless array of colors, sizes, shapes and designs that can suit the need of just about any aesthetic environment or purpose. Exterior stairs are most commonly made using concrete, as concrete

How to Connect a Power Roof Vent

Power vents are made to remove heat and humidity from the attic. When placed in the proper position and installed correctly, they are beneficial towards reducing a home's energy bill. The vents work on a thermostat and are turned on and off automatically when needed. A single power vent will general