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Inline Hot Water Heaters

It is time we all considered doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint on our environment. Many individuals are already taking charge of this situation countrywide and around the world. This is a great solution for homeowners!

How to Install a GE Café Range

Because of the many options available, choosing a General Electric range for your kitchen will be harder than the range installation itself. The GE Café range installs in a matter of minutes. Prior to moving the range into your home, you should have a licensed plumber install the appropriate

Questions for Efficient Home Buyers

The real estate market is a buyer's market right now. But how do you know if your future home is efficient? Here are some things to consider when looking for a more efficient home.

Residential Electrician: Ceiling Fan or Box Fan, What Is the Better Choice?

Ceiling fans are permanent, more expensive, and need installation by a residential electrician. They give steady, long-term cooling and circulation. Box fans are portable, less-expensive and can be used in specific areas. However, they need more cleaning, must be carried and repositioned, and can fa

Where Are Gfi Outlets Required?

A "ground fault circuit interrupter," commonly called a GFI or GFCI, is a small device built into an electrical outlet. Properly used, GFIs prevent electrocution and fire. GFI location requirements are controlled by the National Electrical Code and local building codes.

The Main Circuit Breaker and Common Household Electrical Issues

The electrical system in your home is more complicated than any other system you have in your entire household. Your electrical system controls things such as your lights, appliances, heating and cooling systems, and so much more. Even minor problems in the system could result in homeowners becoming

How to Troubleshoot a 1986 Chevrolet Suburban Heater

The 1986 Chevrolet Suburban uses heat created by the engine and distributed by coolant in the radiator to the heater core to provide comfort for the occupants. The heat is circulated throughout the passenger cabin by a fan that is controlled by a set of knobs and switches on the dashboard. When any

How to Test Your TV

Basic home troubleshooting techniques to determine if you have a TV failure or something else causing problems. How to tell if your TV has failed or if it just needs a reset. Steps to determine if a DVD, STB or gaming system is causing a problem.

How Does an Infrared Oven Heat Food?

Cooking is the art of combining food and energy to create a meal. Energy can be taken from the food, such as when you freeze cream and eggs to create ice cream, but more frequently energy is applied in the form of heat. Recently, we have begun to see infrared technology heating up our kitchens and g

Ultimate Chopper Electric Blender Instructions

The Ultimate Chopper is a handy little gadget for preparing small amounts of food. Use it for nuts, vegetables, eggs and meats when your recipes call for chopped ingredients. Use the blender attachment for liquids, puddings and mousses. The chopper and blender are simple to use and easy to clean, an

Do All Stoves Need a Vent?

If you're thinking of getting a new stove, whether a gas range, a corn stove or wood pellet stove, you'll also have to consider ways to vent it. Any stove that burns fuel needs to be vented to avoid odors and carbon monoxide build-up. Only electrical stoves and heaters can be operated without vents

Can the Sensor on the Maytag Neptune Dryer MDE5500AYW Be Reset?

The Maytag Neptune MDE5500AYW has a sensor that monitors the load moisture and automatically turns off the dryer when the selected level of dryness is reached, such as damp dry or very dry. The sensor can be used for many types of items, including jeans, linens, delicate clothes and other laundry. I

DIY Installing a Window Air Conditioner

Window air conditioners, when used properly, provide ample comfort and cost savings. A window unit is ideal for zone control, which allows you to cool specific rooms while avoiding the expense of cooling unused rooms. Window units need to be installed in a vertically sliding window with a steel or w

Electric Fireplace Building Codes

Electric fireplaces are normally designed to simulate a burning flame while not actually producing emissions or launching dangerous sparks at flammable objects. Electric fireplaces are also popular because they are less expensive than conventional fireplaces and because they can be placed...

Installing a Heat Pump Thermostat

Introduction A heat pump thermostat will help regulate the heat throughout a home evenly. The thermostat will not only save money, but it will save time and hassle, as well. The best part is that you do not need to be a certified electrician to install a programmable heat pump...

Water Hammer Caused by Washing Machine

Water hammer is a sudden increase or decrease in water pressure that can cause a range of problems in the home. The problem typically presents itself when valves or faucets are opened or closed suddenly and the flow of water behind those valves is forced to suddenly start or stop moving. The water s

How to Clean Instant Hot Water Pots

Instant hot water pots supply an immediate source of hot water for drinks such as tea or coffee or food products like oatmeal. Because these pots usually only contain water, they rarely require much cleaning. On a daily basis, all that is needed is a general cleaning. If you notice calcium deposits

The Average Furnace Replacement Cost

The replacement cost of a furnace depends on the size, type of furnace, geographic location and if any duct work or additional modifications need to be done. It is recommended to get three estimates for replacing a furnace and compare costs, contractors and brands of furnaces. There are five basic t

Specifications for Lennox G14 Propane

Lennox, headquartered in Richardson, Texas, specializes in residential and commercial heating and cooling products, including gas and oil furnaces. The company's gas furnaces run on either natural gas or propane; however, the G14 series is actually a gas furnace and does not use propane. Lennox firs