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Balsa Wood Tips

Sandpaper is a valuable tool when working with balsa wood.sandpapier image by Thomas Aumann from Fotolia.comBalsa wood come from the rainforests in South America and Central America. It is a very light wood that is often used for models and props, and it is an excellent wood to learn to...

How to Braze Carbide to Steel

Brazing is essentially the same process as soldering only the bonding alloys used for brazing typically melt at a higher temperature. Brazing is used to join surfaces together in a fashion that resembles gluing things togehter but with heat. The brazing alloy is melted between two surafaces and this

How to Read Transistor Data

Transistors are made from semiconductors such as silicon or germanium. They are constructed with three or more terminals. They may be viewed as electronic valves because a small signal that is sent through a middle terminal controls the current flow through the others. They function primarily as swi

How to Build a Torsion Catapult

A torsion catapult, also called a mangonel, is a device which uses the energy stored in twisted rope to launch a projectile. The Romans made extensive use of the torsion catapult, and this type of weapon continued to be used well into the Middle Ages. The mechanical principles behind the torsion cat

How to Estimate the True Proportion

The proportion of something is the number of observations that meet a certain criterion, divided by the total number of observations. For example, the proportion of males in the population of Americans is the number of American males divided by the number of Americans. The population proportion is

Ideas For Handicrafts

Unlike arts and crafts, which are often purely decorative, handicraft projects result in an item that is both decorative and functional. Before the days of large retail stores, rural people produced many utilitarian objects at home. Handicrafting techniques were handed down from generation to genera

How to Calculate the Initial Size of an Index in Oracle

The Oracle index sorts the data in your tables for faster response in your database applications. Use the Oracle PL-SQL language to calculate the initial size of the index after you create it. The index size lets you examine disk space and determine if your server needs more disk space because of in

What Is Graphite Powder?

Graphite and graphite powder are a naturally occurring form of carbon that is good at conducting electricity and serves as an industrial lubricant.

How to Clean a Silver Penny

Silver pennies are not actually made of silver. In 1943, copper was desperately needed to make shell casings for the war effort, so pennies were made from steel and coated with zinc instead. Coins are worth more if they remain uncleaned. If you want to clean the penny for your personal collection, t

Tips on Cutting Plexiglass

Plexiglass can be a useful substitute for glass in many projects.Plexiglass image by Eagle from Fotolia.comPlexiglass is a synthetic polymer product which can be used in place of regular glass for many applications. Cutting plexiglass to fit a particular project does not necessarily have...

How to Make a Sailor Wand

The anime and manga series "Sailor Moon" features otherworldly princesses who fight evil on Earth. In the Japanese version of the series, the lead character's first weapon is called a "Moon Stick." The English version changes the "Moon Stick" to a "Crescent Moon Wand." Make your own Sailor Wand to p

Texas Forestry Products

The forests of Texas vary widely, as does the state's landscape and terrain. From the pine forests of the east to the mesquite scrub country in the west, useful forest products can be culled from a large variety of trees and forest ecosystems. Perhaps the most common product of Texan forests is mill

How to Read a Lake Map

Lake maps contain a large amount of information. Like other maps, they can be confusing, but with a little background knowledge, lake maps can be very useful helping people avoid underwater hazards, as well as for providing data about water depth. Swimmers, boaters and anglers can all benefit from t

Solar Energy Facts

With millenia-old energy sources rapidly being consumed by an ever-demanding population, nations are searching for new, renewable energy sources that will be able to support Earth's population well past the time oil and coal run out. It's hoped that solar energy will become affordable and easy to ha

How to Calculate the Resistance Per Square for a Metal Layer

Electricity is the flow of electrons through a wire. As electrons flow, they scatter off one another, as well as off wire boundaries. This phenomena is known as resistance and can be determined using macroscopic parameters. Resistance can be calculated from the wire length, cross sectional area and

How to Calculate the Area of a Cuboctahedron

If you cut the corners from a cube and ensure that each cut intersects the centers of the square's edges, you will create a cuboctahedron. As its name suggests, a cuboctahedron combines a cube and an octahedron, a shape with eight triangular faces. One way to find the surface area is calculating the

How to Remove the Chuck From a Drill Motor

For a number of years, drill chucks utilized a keyed chuck for tightening and loosening the chuck when inserting or removing drill bits. In recent years, most of the keyed chucks have been replaced by keyless chucks. There are even some companies that manufacture after-market keyless chucks that can

How to Learn Hypnosis Online for Free

Anybody interested in learning hypnosis may be easily put off by the large price tag attached to many courses found online. Hypnosis is the art of unconscious suggestion, and a good hypnotist can put people into a trance and make suggestions to them that they will then carry out after being awakened

How to Make a Sound With Glass Bottles Filled With Water

The concept of producing musical notes through bottles or containers filled with water has been around for centuries and has even been used by the likes of Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss. At its most basic level the idea involves six glasses or bottles filled with water to different levels so when th

How to Build a Corner Shelf for: TV, Video, Books, Decorations

Building a corner shelf for your home is an excellent Do It Your Self project that will have many uses for your family. We are planning on using ours for our exercise room for our TV and DVD player. But it can have many other uses: Books, Decorations, Coat Rack (just mount hooks to the lower panels)