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How to Raise a Reader: Lessons in Literacy

You want to raise a reader. That much you know. But how? That's the $20,000 question. You could probably spend that $20,000 on how-to books for you, readers for your child, flash cards and other accessories, and specialized reading programs promoting every possible avenue to full literacy. You

Toxic Chemicals Found In Baby Products

Today you have to be very cautious and selective of what you purchase for your infants and children. With all the different products on the market there are sure to be some sort of toxic chemicals incorporated into the manufacturing process. Whether it's clothing, toys, sleepwear, mattresses, b

Games & Activities About Forgiveness

Teaching your children how to forgive not only encourages them to express kindness toward and acceptance of others but also frees them from hanging onto unnecessary hostility. A lesson in forgiveness provides a social value and benefit that will last throughout a child's lifetime. Children find it d

Grand Photo of the Week: Wanting Some Warm

Are you ready for springtime? This picture of a little one enjoying a stroll will surely get you in the mood. Last weekend we had lovely weather. The

Ways of Teaching Values

The little things are the big things after all. Imagine if.... all it took was one day a year to share a legacy of love - family values, traditions and stories -with future generations.

Bottle-Feeding-Topic Overview

Note: This topic discusses bottle - feeding formula. For information about bottle - feeding your baby breast milk, see the topic Breast - Feeding.When is bottle - feeding formula the right choice for my baby?Your reasons for wanting to bottle - feed your baby formula are personal. You are the only o

Significance of a Daycare Center For Your Child

Day care involves the care of a child by someone other the parent during the daytime and is performed by an individual who is not a family member. These daycare centers are gaining their popularity rapidly.

Choosing a Provider

You've called and called and finally found a provider you want to meet. What now? Here are some tips to help you when meeting with a potential provider. Remember, you know whats best for your child....

Bumbleride IndieIs More Than a Baby Stroller

The Bumbleride Indie is a quality all terrain baby stroller that is stylish and reliable. It provides many different features for parent and baby that are simple to use. They are well-made and easy to store. Here are some of the things that Bumbleride Indie has to offer.


Thanks so much to these parents for submitting pictures of their children for the toddlers photo gallery.

2010 Product Recalls

Do you have any of these recalled products in your home? Do you know anyone who does? All of these items were recalled in 2010 because they are dangerous to your children or your family. If you see something you own, stop using it immediately. Most companies offer free repair kits or replacements an

Quality Time with Your Teen

It's sometimes difficult to find ways to be involved with your teen without totally intruding in his/her life. You want to talk to them, they don't want to talk to you (most of the time anyway). I've...

Parents, Self Care is Crucial

Self care is critical to healthy parenting. Part of that self care includes teaching others how to treat you.

Educational Toys - Providing Avenues of Growth

Children begin to learn from the time they are born. Parents are the primary source in providing quality experiences for their children to learn and grow. Young children growth and development is mostly supported and enhanced through play. So what tools can parents / caregivers look for to help faci

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of shaken baby syndrome including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.