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Stress Induced Tension Headaches

Pain Killers may provide a short term solution to tension headaches, but painkillers don't relieve tension! You must take steps to either reduce the stress in your life or find out how to manage the way you experience that stress.

Tension Headache Overview and Chiropractic Care For Them

Tension headaches are the most common type of headache. They are characterized by mild to moderate pain that usually is focused across the forehead. The exact cause of tension headaches is not fully understood. It has been shown that chiropractic treatment may help substantially with tension headach

Core Strength Can End Lower Back Pain

Core strength is critical for athletes but it is also critical for you too. Strengthening your core is about much more than getting a flat tummy or sexy sixpack abs. The core is the link between your upper and lower body and the primary determinant of your posture, how well you can balance yourself

Are You Really Gonna Become a Chiropractor?

So you plan on becoming a chiropractor? You will need to have a degree in Chiropractic Philosophy. You will also become well-versed with chiropractic principles.

A New Specialty for the Resolution of Pain

I can't believe the number of patients I treat that tell me they have been to three or four different medical practitioners to treat pain that they are experiencing before they even get to me to treat them. If you have back pain, you might end up at an orthopedist, neurologist, chiropractor, ac

Treatment of Foot Pain in Women

Foot pain in women is a very common condition which is caused due to several causes. If your daily activities are interfered because of the pain experienced in the feet or if you are unable to perform your desired activities without pain then, you should seek the help of medical treatment.

Headache Pain and the Links to Water Dehydration

Severe Headache Pain can be a debilitating experience for many individuals. In fact the pain of a severe headache or migraine can send most of us crazy. Its interesting to note that many individuals mistake the bodies cry for water as hunger cravings, having something to eat instead of a glass of wa

Can Inversion Table Therapy Help Your Aching Back?

For many people, lower back pain is a major problem and with today's hectic and fast-paced life even people of the younger age groups are reporting to have some type of back ailment. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 people that visit a physician will be on account on some type of back related c

Are New Alternative Back Pain Treatments For You?

If you ask a doctor about new alternative back pain treatments they will probably tell you not to waste your time. They only know what the American Medical Association wants the to think. That is the same organization who said for years that smoking was good for you and even recommended certain bran

Flashing Lights in Eyes - Migraine Type Headaches

People who suffer from migraine type headaches see flashing lights and/or feel dizzy just before the severe pain in the head. The lights are called the 'aura' and are a warning sign.

Lower Back Pain Relief - Therapeutic Chair Positions

What is the best type of office chair to have? What is the best type of couch to have? How long should I remain seated while I am at work? What is the proper way to sit in my chair? These are some of the most important questions to have answered especially if you have lower back pain.


Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of sciatica, including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

How to Get Fast, Effective and Permanent Chronic Back Pain Relief Naturally

Treatment for chronic back pain relief (and other chronic pain relief) is easier, more effective and much more comfortable than you may think. True comfort and freedom from chronic pain comes from the spirit within. Through my research, I developed a solution that provides easy and permanent relief

Recognizing and Treating a Tension Headache

A tension headache is by far the most common form of headache that people experience in every day life. However, in many cases, tension headaches may be confused with other types of headaches that may be more serious.

Evaluation and Treatment of Migraine in the ED

Acute migraine is a common reason for emergency department visits. This review offers practical guidance on how patients with suspected migraine should be evaluated and managed in the ED setting.

How Sitting Can Cause Or Contribute to Back Pain

One of the main risk factors for people suffering from back pain is sitting for prolonged periods of time. And the person's posture for the length of time they sit may not have anything to do with creating the conditions that lead to discomfort or injury of the lower back. This article will dis