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Travel Nursing - Just the Ticket!

Many professionals face harsh physical and emotional demands in their jobs, but none more than the Registered Nurse. Constantly on their feet and making, literally, life and death decisions on a daily basis can take its toll.

In Joint Fight, Hospitals Must Play Critical Role to Combat Nursing Shortage

Nursing is a necessity to our country. The job is often unglamorous, but has the potential to be vastly rewarding in personal, financial, and intellectual ways, providing interesting challenges and opportunities for enthusiastic people. However, the U.S. is currently experiencing a nursing shortage

The History of the Emergency Medical Service

The simple dialing of 9-1-1 springs Emergency Medical Services (EMS) into action, providing the fastest emergency medical care possible. But the truth is, EMS as we know it today didn't develop until the late 18th century, with significant advances in technology and regulation not taking place until

Why Healthy Is Not Enough! Discover The 6 Elements You Can't Be Missing!

While colloquially speaking about health, we clearly understand this to mean physical health, which however is only a fractional aspect of the well-being of an individual, in contrast, vitality evokes tacit association with the other vital elements that together, in balanced combination comprise the

Six Signs of Senior Identity Theft

Identity theft can happen to anyone, but in many respects seniors are easier prey. First, they are the people who have a savings account or other nest egg that an identity thief may be trying to tap. Second, they have had a career of earning and saving which has given them very respectable credit sc

Adult Diapers Allow You to Self Manage Incontinence

As we now live longer, unfortunately our bodies are in greater need of supporting products that allow us to lead a life style that maintains our independence.Aside from retirement villages and self assisted living accommodation, there is now a range of products on the market that assists us in our e

The Ins and Outs of Fast Track Nursing Courses

If you're looking to get started in a career as a nurse, as quickly as possible, you're definitely going to want to take a look at fast track nursing courses. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of this type of course.

Shingles Vaccine and Medicare

The most recent addition to the CDC's list of immunizations, the shingles vaccine, is starting to become widely available. Find out whether you should get it and whether your Medicare plan will pay.

Solutions for the Non-Emergency Use of Emergency Departments

Most emergency departments provide services that they were not designed to do. On average 28% of all care in the ED is for non-emergency care. This article describes several approaches used by hospital ED's to decrease this misuse.

Health Care Coverage: The Importance Of Reading The Small Print

Health care coverage is essential for people in all walks of life, regardless of who you are and where you come from. You only live once and need to look after yourself when you are here. You should explore all options before settling on the best policy, and you should be satisfied that it is the be

Nursing Home Neglect Injuries

Individuals trust the staff and faculty at nursing homes to treat their loved ones with genuine care and respect. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Often nursing home residents are victims of negligence from abusive or incompetent caretakers. Family members and friends of those who live in

MMS Is No Miracle But a Wonderful Chemistry

The miracle mineral supplement is commonly known as miracle mineral solution or simply MMS. It is a known informal or colloquial product name or term for an aqueous solution which comprises of 28 percent of sodium chlorite in distilled water.

Policy Issues Affecting Private Security

Comstock/Comstock/Getty ImagesThe private security industry is very complex due to the the diversity of the issues involved. A private security company operates in customer service, business management and in some cases law enforcement. There are strict legal requirements in many states...

Benefits Of Working In The Nursing Field

If the requirements for the ideal job include flexibility, career options, high job availability, stability, increasing salary, and personal satisfaction, then a career in nursing is the logical answer. A field that continues to grow in demand and opportunities all around the world, nursing provides

Keeping Your Parents' Medical Information Safe

As adult children we want to be able to assist aging parents cope with their medical care. It is important to keep track of their medical papers, including health insurance policies. This article gives suggestions for how to do that.

Natural Remedies For Nail Fungus

Nail fungus can cause some serious problems. Afflicted with nail fungus infection, one would be embarrassed to have foot spa because of the sheer unsightliness. Being barefoot in public now becomes a challenge.