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Video: How to Make Dry, Blonde Hair Soft

Video Transcript Hi, my name is Jyl Craven. This is how to make dry blonde hair soft. When trying to make dry blonde hair look smooth and soft first you're gonna want to start with a shampoo and conditioner that's moisturizing and then follow it up with a moisturizing treatment and...

How to Fix a Faded Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a classic garment that never goes out of style and fits well with a variety of different looks. While your jacket may never fade out of style, leather jackets can become worn out and fade in color, which over time can seriously damage the stylish look you are going for with your

A DIY Patchwork T-Shirt Scarf

Keep the soft, warmth of fleece wrapped around your neck along with the joy of old memories. Instead of throwing away all your old too-worn-to-wear T-shirts, use your creativity and sewing talent -- no matter how basic -- to create a cozy scarf that will keep you warm during the chilly autumn and wi

How to Model the Moon Reflecting Light to Earth

The moon may only be one-quarter of the size of Earth, but it’s large enough to reflect sunlight across more than 356,000 miles of space, making it visible at night from our planet’s surface. The moon does not shine, but rather, it simply reflects light, making your nights a little brigh

Can You Get Rid Of Cellulite?

I would put this on the bottom of my record. Diet program and Training I know I reported diet plan won't assist get rid of cellulite, but I didn't inform the full fact about exercisi

How to Do Neon Makeup

Celebrities like Cindi Lauper and Boy George were famous for neon makeup in the 1980s. Back then, the florescent pink, orange and lime were used for everything from eye shadow to nail polish. Neon never completely disappeared from the fashion scene, as hot pink pouts and electric blue eye shadow can

Is It Worth Paying Extra for a "Master Stylist"?

Having a hair cut from a "master stylist" as opposed to a hair stylist really comes down to experience and expertise. For an hour of your time and certainly no less than forty-five minutes you should definitely be able to tell the difference, primarily with regards to accuracy.

The Popularity of Injectable Hyaluron Gel Facial Fillers

The injection of facial alines and wrinkles today is primarily done by the class of compounds known has hyaluronic acids or hyalurons. They have completely replaced the historic use of collagen as injectable skin fillers with no need for a pre-injection skin test, greater duration of action, and les

How to Stop Sweating at Night Once and For All

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and your sheets are completely soaked from your sweat? Do your pajamas cling to you because they are wet from all of that sweating? Are you losing sleep at night because you are constantly being woken up from night sweats? This is a problem that many people

Tips For Straightening Hair

Face it, this season, curly and wavy hair is out. Straight hair is in. Nothing looks quite as elegant as poker straight locks framing your face.

Care of Velvet Fabric

Wearing velvet can make a person feel attractive, and the material can add a luxurious feel to drapes or upholstery. Once reserved only for royalty because of the care that had to be taken in both creating and caring for velvet, it is now widely available and even affordable. Velvet, though, like an

Natural Skin Care Tips And Ideas For A Flawless Complexion

When you want to look and feel your best, at times you do require the help of certain Skin Care Products available in the market. Hence, while looking for some of these products; it is evident that you’d rather search for such formulations which necessarily do not dry up your skin. Some of the

Prom Hairdo Ideas

Prom is a night for a special hairstyle.straightening hair image by Horticulture from Fotolia.comThere are many sources of inspiration for your prom hairdo: magazines, hairstyle websites, movies and TV, celebrity style and more. Keep in mind your face shape, hair type, hair length, dress...

Pixie Lott

Follow the jewelry trends at the 2010 Kids Choice Awards.

How to Know If Skin Care Products Will Work

The platform for skin care products is growing daily. In our struggle to be young and beautiful, we have also become victims to marketing and savvy advertisers. Oddly enough, if you start reading labels on the back of skin care products, most of them are the same.

What Is Millesime in Fragrances?

Founded in 1760 in London by James Henry Creed, the perfume company of the House of Creed creates fragrances for royalty and world figures. It is in the seventh generation of family management. They have created perfumes with the term "millésimé" in the name.