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Do You Know About Dissociation?

Glossary definition of dissociation. Includes both physical and drug-related reasons for the psychological experience.

5 Ways to Help a Family Member Through Detox

Watching a loved one succumb to drug or alcohol addiction can be devastating to a family. Parents, siblings, extended family and even very close friends feel helpless as they watch their loved one self destruct. ...

The Strongest Reasons to Quit Smoking and How You Can Do It

The Strongest Reasons to Quit Smoking [] and How You Can Do It Smoking, whether in the form of cigarettes or with a pipe, whether a classic blend or infused with menthol, or even flavored, ...

5 Tips to Help You Stop Smoking

Millions of people all over the world smoke cigarettes. Almost all of these people understand the serious health risks involved with smoking and are therefore always looking for a way to help them stop.

What Does MDMA Actually Do to the Body?

MDMA has become a popular drug, in part because of the positive effects that a person experiences within an hour or so after taking a single dose.

Can You Ever Cure An Addiction To Alcohol?

Can an alcohol dependency be cured? Any number of high cost private health clinics would like to give a definite answer to this question, but the traditional knowledge of groups such as 'Alcoholics Anonymous' is that an addiction to alcohol can never be cured, but only planned.

Three Easy Ways to Fail at Quitting Smoking!

Considering it's an activity that can badly bruise the ego, failing to quit smoking remains a remarkably popular past-time. So for those smokers yet to try them out, here are three of the most popular methods...

Signs of Addiction to Drugs - Four Flags You Should Not Ignore

Signs of addiction are very people around the addict. Unfortunately they are often missed by the drug addicts themselves. Look over this short list of symptoms of impending addiction problems and you could just avoid an expensive trip to detox rehab.

Smoking Research and Studies

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of smoking research & studies including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Figure Out How to Quit Smoking Naturally With Lobelia

There are numerous organic solutions and preparations that could be used successfully to quit smoking. Among the herbal treatments which can be typically included in herbal stop smoking remedies is lobelia. This herb was used by Native Americans for countless years to help care for asthma and upper