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What Items Are Allowed in U.S. Media Mail?

Books are eligible for Media Mail, books -many books image by drx from Fotolia.comMedia mail shipping is a service offered by the United States Postal Service for the economical shipping of media items. The service operates up to a maximum weight of 70 pounds and postage is...

What to consider when writing my will?

While one can quite conveniently draft their own will and Estate Planning document, most would suggest against it. And the wise lot would rather not. The reason is simple. A will is a very important d

Successful Ventura DUI lawyers

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has identified certain driving patterns that reveal that the driver in under influence of alcohol. Officers are ordered to interrupt the vehicles moving in a specific manner to see ...

Private Investigators to host radio show

The segment, titled Ask a PI, will discuss a variety of topics, including stories from their careers and tips people can use to protect their homes, businesses, and families.

Tax Services in Los Angeles

Tax returns are normally claimed from local residents who are working and/or are having income generating properties. Tax services in Los Angeles are covered under the laws stipulated for the entire State of California. Preparing ...

Pennsylvania Aggravated Assault Law

Aggravated assault is a serious crime in Pennsylvania, as it is in every state. Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes defines aggravated assault as an attempted or intentional causing of serious bodily harm under circumstances demonstrating an extreme indifference to human life. The law also provides a

The Statute of Limitations on California Code of Civil Procedure Section 337

The statute of limitation provisions of the California Code of Civil Procedure Section 337 apply to a contract case in which the agreement is in writing or that qualifies as an "account stated" or "open-book account." These terms are used in connection with an ongoing account reflecting a contractu

Environmental Laws for Business

On top of all the other concerns that go into running a business, such as pay roll, profit margins and advertising, business owners also have to comply with federal environmental regulations. These regulations are set up to protect our natural resources just as much as they are there to...

California Labor Law Posters For You Business

In California, the governing bodies have made compulsory for the employers to place the labor law posters in the working area on some prominent place where they can be seen by the employees easily, th

California Thermostat Law

After months of debate, the California Mercury Thermostat Law went into effect July 1, 2008. It has affected thousands of households and businesses across the state that have had to comply with it.

Probate lawyer

A Probate Lawyer is a legal representative who experts in the outlook a person are through probate, the official allotment of an individual's possessions asset.

Massachusetts Driving Laws for Teenagers Driving With Friends

Teen Driving Laws in Massacusettsdriving position image by Robert Kelly from Fotolia.comMassachusetts is one of the states that has passed stricter teen driving laws to decrease the number of accidents involving teen drivers and teen passengers. To discourage teenage drivers from driving...

How to Get Emergency Food Stamps

Emergency food stamps, or expedited food stamps as they're also called, can be attained for someone in a financial bind. According to the United Way of Connecticut, emergency food stamps are available for a person with income less than $150 per month and assets of $100 or less. Also, the recipient m

ADA Braille Tactile Signage Regulations for Schools

The federal government passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990. The ADA, as it is more commonly known, set forth guidelines for the design and construction of public buildings. Public buildings are any structures where the public can enter and use the facilities. ...