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Planning a Simple Wedding Without Regret

Are you looking for a simple wedding? Planning a simple wedding that you will remember forever doesn't have to give you ulcers... Here are some ideas to help.

Secrets to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding planning can be stressful, time consuming and expensive. This article contains helpful information for planning an affordable, easy and elegant wedding and finding the perfect wedding venues.

Interview and Book your Wedding Reception

As you begin your search for your wedding reception facility, the word that describes what you are looking for is 'wow', the moment that when guests arrive on the scene, they know they are at a specia

Birthday Roast Ideas

Roasts have become a popular way to honor a guest. They can be funny and the birthday guest will appreciate the party if done correctly. If you are uncertain if the birthday girl is a good candidate for the roast, simply ask. A surprise roast may catch her off guard, but if she has a good sense of

Hot Party Foods With a Sporty Theme

Use your imagination when serving standard foods during the big game.hot_dogs image by sumos from Fotolia.comDazzle your friends with festive but simple hot party foods for the big game day. You can stick with the many dishes that are standard fare at any sports-themed party. Or with a...

Wedding Day Ceremony & Reception Guests - Who to Invite Whom Not to Invite

Weddings, wedding plans and invited guests.How many and who to invite.On the other side of the aisle so to speak are the questions and decisions of who not to invite.As with any major event and certainly family banquets, dinners and affairs, you can never please everyone and every person or potentia

How to Decorate a Sports Themed Party Room

If you have a child who dreams of becoming a famous athlete or an adult who is a sports nut, treat him to a sports-themed party. Decorative elements transform the look of the party space from an ordinary room into a space that will dazzle sports fans. Feature elements from a variety of sports to cre

Candle Wedding Favors - Beautiful Accent Ideas For Your Tables

Congratulations, you're planning your wedding day! Now it's time to come up with some affordable, make-ahead wedding decorations and favors to create a romantic atmosphere on your big day. Candles are always a wonderfully romantic addition to any wedding decor that help set the mood for ro

Hairstyles for Wedding Photos

Bridal hairstyles can be worn in many style brown up do woman image by Paul Retherford from Fotolia.comSince the spotlight is on the bride throughout the wedding, her hairstyle must be at the finest available. It must not only compliment her face but her dress, veil, color motif...

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

Custom wedding cake toppers with bride and groom and their son might just be the perfect pick for any wedding ceremony. Such type of cake toppers can be incorporated into the wedding cake as it will add further charm to your cake. It is rightly said that what could be more precious in any marriage t

Wedding Ideas: Cupcake Towers

If you are looking for something different at your wedding, think about having a cupcake tower instead of a wedding cake. More and more people are choosing this route as it adds quite a bit of flexibility in regard to satisfying all guests in attendance.

Keep to Schedule With a Wedding Planning Checklist

The time to your wedding day is then your wedding planning period, during which time you will need to book, organize and arrange every element and detail of your wedding day. This is where a wedding planning checklist comes in.

Wedding Traditions In India - A Cultural Mosaic

The country called India is rich with various customs and traditions. The institution of marriage in India is fine example of these vivid rituals and customs. These things have a great bearing on Indi

A Bride's Guide to Unusual Wedding Cakes

Unusual wedding cakes have become more popular as the cakes are becoming much more personal.This gives you a chance to design a wedding cake that goes with your personality, the theme of the wedding, and your idea of a grand centerpiece.

DIY Wedding Decorations Using Lace

Weddings are great opportunities for do-it-yourself projects. These DIY projects can be an inexpensive part of a rather expensive event. Using lace in your wedding decorations can bring elegance and style to your reception area. There are many wedding decorations you can create with lace, from napki

Make It Best With Party Caterings

Would you need to be the host of a social get-together for festivals, parties? There are a great deal of great things that everyday life brings to the table and getting a charge out of ...

Formal Jacket Styles for a Victorian Wedding

The Victorian era was the age of romance and elegance, ranging from 1837 to1901. Victorian weddings were all white, from the bride's gown to the flowers she was carrying. Fashions at the time were much more formal than those of today. Men wore jackets, cravats, vests and hats, unless they were workm