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Speed Dating: What Is It, How to Does It Work?

A popular dating and matchmaking trend is upon us. It is called speed dating. Naturally, it has found a new home on the internet. But what exactly is it and how does it work?

How to Get a Girlfriend - Seven Tips You Can Use Now

Do not set out to find a girlfriend! If your priority is solely to get your itch scratched (sexually speaking), you're going to find that you'll scare off a LOT of people. Your GOAL is not to get a girlfriend, even though you think it is. Your goal is not the END, it's simply the next

5 Steps to Success in Sexual Mastery

Sexual Mastery has key aspects which might be common sense but they have to be stated and understood. Below are mentioned various areas that need to be worked upon and they need to be religiously followed for Sexual Mastery.

The Best New York Dating Agencies

Open your mind and heart and try a New York City dating couple image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comMany people think of dating services as being impersonal as well as expensive. But time-strapped singles may find a dating agency a worthwhile solution to meeting new people....

How to Ask Out a Beautiful Girl

Asking out a beautiful girl is not as hard as you might think it is. Indeed, the biggest obstacle to asking out a beautiful girl is not the fact that she's beautiful or even the fact that she's a girl, but rather your own fears and inhibitions. The key to asking out a beautiful girl is to remind you

How to Feel More Comfortable on a First Date

With the right attitude, you can enjoy yourself in any situation, especially a first date! After all, dating is meant to be fun and exciting! These are some practical steps to take before, during, and after your date to increase your comfort level.

The 4 Factors to Becoming Successful With Women

Being attractive to the ladies is an art. Before you find dating success you must go down the checklist and figure out your strong and weak points. Enhance your strengths and build upon your weak points until you're irresistible!

How to Debunk Relationship Quizzes

Okay, so we all have relationships, dates, or crushes at least, right? Of course I'm right. Sometimes, these things can be confusing. Does your mom give good advice? How about your dad? They don't care ...

What Kind of Man She Wants

Helping men with confidence and understanding exactly what women are looking for. How to help them become the men they deserve to be.

Christian Dating Physical Limits

In today's more permissive society, where couples live together without benefit of the sacrament of marriage, it might seem somewhat archaic to consider Christian dating physical limits. So what are the rules when it comes to physical intimacy in Christian dating? Should there be limits?

How to Get Over Someone - Overcoming the Heartache

Are you fresh out of a broken relationship and you want to know how to get over that special someone? Was the break up sudden and unexpected and you have no idea how to get over someone you love? Are your friends in nice, stable relationship and none of them are equipped to tell you how to get over

Learn This Skill and Attract Women at the Same Time

One of the fundamental ways to increase your success with women is to make DRAMATIC changes to your life. If you're able to present women with an interesting and dynamic personality, then it'll be simple ...

Intuition - The Hidden Power in Dating

Do you have the experience of hearing a voice speak to you and then you follow the voice only to find your old female friend whom you didn't see since high school? Use these hidden powers of such intuition to your advantages in the dating arena!

The Sex Position for Relationship Building

Sex is a key player in building up a lasting relationship. It is perhaps the strongest factor that determines whether a relationship will either fail or succeed. A couple that is not sexually compatible will find it difficult to stay, as we used to say, happily ever after.