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How to Improve Your Marriage - Learn to Listen to Your Spouse

Listening to your spouse is a very important skill that you should use on a regular basis. While this seems like an obvious necessity, sometimes it's not as easy as it may seem. It is much easier to speak about ourselves and what is important to us.

The Marriage Bank Account

Marriage, like any relationship, is like a bank account. Both parties make deposits and withdrawals. The key is to deposit more than you withdraw. If the marriage account is in the red, the marriage is in trouble. The longer the marriage account is in the red, the worse the marriage becomes. If some

New York divorce lawyer is Your Justifier

New York divorce lawyer is meant to help the couples, who are willing to get separated because of increasing fights and other ways of the growth of mutual fight.

Cheap Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Wrapping up one's affections in a heart-shaped box tied with a red bow has been a common Valentine's Day practice since the late 19th century, but chocolate's a relatively recent addition to this celebration of love. Before the invention of affordable, mass-produced chocolates, most c

Marriage Tips for Keeping the Love Flame Burning

Most married couples never forget the details of their special wedding day. Unfortunately after some time in marriage, some have forgotten why they married in the first place. The passage of time can make a ...

Love Tips From a Crazy in Love Forum

In many ways, when you are in love, you are really crazy. You do not think straight and many times you cannot see the faults or flaws of the person you love. A crazy in love forum is a place where you can participate in as people share their crazy love stories and what they did because of love. Craz

The Growing Acceptance of Divorce in Our Society

Unfortunately within society divorce has become an accepted part of life with more people ready to walk away from a marriage than those who are prepared to make it work when things are not going too well. Before the 19th century, divorce was particularly uncommon and most states including New York h

What is a Friendly Divorce?

While many divorcing couples are trying to keep things civil and nice on the surface, they are actually in denial about the divorce and often continue to do things together with their children as a family. Couples who do this are prolonging the pain of divorce and are confusing their children.

Building Marriage Relationship Through Physical Exercises

Almost everybody in the world wants to get married. It is part of the human life process and it has since become the basis for life's success or failure. Some get married because of love, some because of convenience; to have someone grow old with.

Divorce Papers and Divorce Forms Online, And Where to Get Them For Free

Most likely you are reading this article because you have chosen to get what most people refer to as a do it yourself divorce or no fault divorce. Divorce can be a complicated task. But if you have a little common sense about you, and can follow a simple set of online instructions; then you should h

Sacred Love - Love is a Lifestyle - Make Your Home a Santuary for Your Love

We put our energy into everything we do. The environment in which you share your love life is one of the most important places to begin to acknowledge, that love is a priority. Your home can celebrate love to such a degree that it keeps a relationship together during difficult challenges.

Attract Your Ex-Boyfriend Back Fast

One common mistake that most women make after going through a devastating break up with their boyfriends is acting upon their emotions. All they could ever think about is how to get their man back. Behaving and thinking this way will only cloud your mind and make you even more vulnerable to committi

A Happy Marriage Recipe For Everyone

Many people think that all it takes to make a marriage or union happy is love. As the late John Lennon said, "Love is all you need." This is not true.