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Three Characteristics of an Entrepreneur

So you're thinking of becoming an Entrepreneur? Do you have what it takes? One of the first characteristics of an entrepreneur is having the right mindset. If the only thing you're thinking about is how ...

Abraham Maslow's Theoretical Ideas

Psychologist Abraham Maslow's humanistic theory of the hierarchy of needs is one of his most well known concepts. His theoretical idea of human behaviors and personal needs is still well respected, albeit occasionally modified by others. The purpose of Maslow's hierarchy of needs model is to explain

THE RETAIL RUT: Is There a Way Out?

For those people just starting out in the work force or looking for supplemental income, getting a job in the retail industry seems to be a quick and easy decision. Most retail establishments have lenient ...

Industrial and Industrial Air Handling Units

Air-handling Units for Make Up Air and Space Pressurization Applications have the following features: - Outlet Temperature is usually monitored with a probe mounted near the outlet of the unit. - Discharge Air Temperature is ...

From A Passion To 250k Viewers - The Rise To The Top

About David Siteman And €Rise To The Top' For a long time David suppressed his passion for broadcasting and a drive for success. Fast-forward a few years and he now has an internet show with ...

It Better Be Good

If you're in business, regardless of whatever you're selling, it better be good. Particularly in times of economic stress, the product or service that you sell will have a direct impact on the success of ...

Business Scenario Planning

Business scenario planning is loosely defined by business writer Martin Börjesson as "a method for learning about the future by understanding the nature and impact of the most uncertain and important driving forces affecting our world." The idea of business scenario planning is a difficult one

Business Development Executive Roles & Responsibilities

A business development executive works with the sales staff to facilitate company woman image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comBusiness development executives are charged with creating new customers for a company and growing present customer purchases. In companies of all...

Property & Casualty Adjuster License Information

Insurance adjusters investigate claims to the insurance company and determine the amount the company will pay for damages. Property and casualty insurance protects property such as homes, vehicles and businesses from damage. The property and casualty adjuster works exclusively on these lines of insu

Texas Minimum Standard Rules for Licensed Child Care

Child care centers provide supervision and education for a range of ages. Very young children may stay in child care centers all day while their parents work, while older children may visit child care centers only before or after school. Small home day cares with few children often do not have to be

Modeling Opportunities in Houston

Contrary to popular opinion, plenty of modeling opportunities exist outside of New York City. You may be less likely to make a living as a model and you may have to diversify, but work can even be found in Houston, Texas. Assignments in fashion and commercial print, runway, catalog and promotional m

Finding Angel Investors for Your Business Startup

Speaking simply, angel investors refer to those people who are wealthy and are looking for opportunities where they can put their extra money to grow. They are financially independent people and can be anybody from ...

Why Start An Online Business?

There really are many reasons why people are starting online or work from home businesses. This article discusses just a few of those reasons. In today's economy, a little extra cash can really help and ...

How to Become an Exclusive Distributor

Becoming an exclusive distributor requires a product that will be sold retail or wholesale. You must determine which option is more profitable. Setting up an agreement with manufacturers to buy inventory is fundamental to your success. Also, you must find out who and where you will be selling to. Ma

Fluff or for Real?

Fluff or Real Product? Is Pure Leverage the suite of online business tools that Google wished they had? GVO the primary company behind Pure Leverage has just started providing the online business world with its ...