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Best Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are those guitars that do not rely on electronic amplification but use acoustic methods to make the sound, produced by its strings, audible. provides the following acoustic guitars:

How to Find the Tempo of Songs

Learning to detect the tempo or BPM (Beats Per Minute) in a song can be a lengthily task if you don't have the proper materials. Materials such as BPM counters and metronomes allow you to time and precisely figure out the correct tempo of a song. Metronomes measure the frequency of pulses in the mus

No one makes clocks quite like Bulova

No one makes clocks quite like Bulova. Whether you are looking for a unique miniature collectible clock, or an elegant mantel clock, Bulova has one that will suit your needs. Every Bulova Limited Edition Miniature ...

How to Put a Whammy Bar on a Electric Guitar

Putting a whammy bar, or tremolo bar, on a guitar is a simple task that will allow you to bend notes. When a whammy bar is installed on a guitar you can pull the bar toward the neck, thus loosening the tension and lowering the pitch. Alternately, when you pull the bar back away from the neck, it t

How to Paint on Artist Conks

The artist's conk, or shelf mushroom, is commonly found on hardwood trees in the northeast U.S. and many other countries. It is used for etching when fresh and painting once it has been dried. Once dry, they can be almost as hard as wood. Unlike painting on canvas, you can take advantage of the shap

How You Can Present Your Music on YouTube

YouTube will be the #1 video sharing site and #2 search site on the world wide web (#1 is google itself!) And by adding youtube to your music promotion campaign, you could bring your music to plenty o

So, You're 45 and You Want to Learn the Guitar?

Can you learn guitar at any age?Will it do you any good?Well, you may not get invited to join the Eagles on stage, but playing guitar at any age will give you a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction that can only enhance your life.Curious?

Building a Duplicator for Compact Disc

You may like to duplicate your homemade CDs for giving extra copies of your pictures and videos to your friends. Special programs are designed for helping you perform this task. However it is possible to ...

How to Melt Glass in a Kiln

Melted glass is used to make lamps, jewelry, and even plates and drinking glasses. Glass is the ultimate recyclable material, as well. You can reuse everything from beer, wine and liquor bottles to old glassware you no longer want. Glass needs to be melted at very high temperatures for it to be form

Learn Beginner Guitar - Beginner Guitar in 3 Easy Steps

There are so many wonderful things to learn on the guitar that it can sometimes be quite overwhelming to know where to begin when you are trying to learn beginner guitar. Do you start with scales, chords, site reading?With so many different things to learn, where do you begin? I would like to share

Composing in a Recession

All the recent chat of recession and economic turmoil has me wondering what the implications for composers are. Are we all going to be busking down our local Underground station by this time next year, or might there be a way to survive these turbulent times?

How to Date Conrad Guitars

If you have a Conrad guitar and are curious about its value, determining when it was made is the first step. This can be a tricky because the manufacture date isn't listed on the guitar. It may take a little detective work to narrow down the decade your instrument was made. Conrads were inexpensive

Dancing to the Sound of a Spanish Guitar

With origins dating back to 5000 years ago, there are various classes and types of guitars which abound musical instrument shops all over the world today. One such class would be the Spanish guitar class of guitars.

5 Songwriting Shortcuts for Writing Melodies

A melodic motif is part of a melody that's repeated throughout your song. It helps make it memorable. In this article we'll look at how to use motifs to write great melodies.

How to Mix Songs Within a Song

Years ago, mixing songs within a song was the domain of DJs who put in countless hours of practice on turntables and who had a deep familiarity with hundreds of songs. Today, several pieces of software allow novices to create mixes like a pro. Modern software eliminates the physical mechanics of mix

A Guide to Playing Coming Back to Life Chords on Your Guitar - A Pink Floyd Song

This article shall show you how to play the Coming Back to Life chords on your guitar along with its lyrics. Coming Back To Life, a Pink Floyd song, is a favorite amongst Pink Floyd fans and guitarists. This song is a soothing piece of both vocals and guitar taken from the Division Bell, provided by