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Vegan English Muffins

Vegan Mother's Day Recipes. If you're looking for vegan recipes to celebrate this Mother's Day, this collection contains over 60 vegan Mother's Day recipes, from vegan brunch recipes to special vegan desserts, to make your vegan mother's special day flavorful.

Winemaking Tools

Making a press for your fruit is a simple and cost-effective project.Wine making press image by liubomirt from Fotolia.comMuscadines, apples, peaches, potatoes or roses can be pressed and fermented into quality vino, just like standard wine grapes. Wine is made from fresh products that...

How to Make Bread Rise Naturally

Most bread recipes call for the addition of yeast to make the bread rise. Many types of bread can be made without the addition of yeast, as there are yeasts in the air that the bread dough can utilize in order to rise naturally. The simplest way to make bread rise naturally is to make a sponge that

How to Mix Potato Pearls

Potato Pearls are a dehydrated potato food produced by the Basic American Foods company. Potato Pearls come in a variety of flavors including Original, Extra Rich, Country Style, Golden Extra Rich and Canadian Style. Even though there are several varieties of the Potato Pearls product, the preparati

Alternatives to Buttermilk in Baking

Buttermilk is essentially the liquid that is left over after milk has been churned; it's left over after the solid butter removed. It is often used in cooking for its light and tangy flavor. The name buttermilk is misleading as many assume that it is fattening. In actuality, it is fairly...

Struwen Recipe- Yeast Pancakes for Good Friday

Struwen are a yeasted pancake traditionally served on Good Friday in German-speaking parts of the world. Flavored with lemon and studded with raisins, they are served as the main course of a meatless meal.

How to Make Wine Sweeter

Making wine at home can be a rewarding and even money-saving hobby. There are endless varieties you can achieve by adding different fruits and flavors. However, for the novice it may be easier to make a dry wine than a sweet one. Without proper directions, sweetening wine after the fermentation proc

How to Roast a Boneless Turkey

A turkey main dish is most commonly served whole. The whole roasted turkey comes with all its bones intact. However, if you want an easier way to eat your main dish, consider roasting a boneless turkey breast instead. One large turkey breast can weigh as much as 9 lbs., while a smaller one might wei

How to Make Guo Tie Wrappers

Guo tie, commonly referred to as pot stickers or gyoza in America, are a Chinese dumpling made with a meat, fish or vegetable filling wrapped in a thin piece of dough. While guo tie wrappers are widely available at most grocery stores, nothing tastes quite as good as homemade. Don't fret; these thin

Introduction to Spanish Cheese

Spanish cheeses are eaten by themselves, with bread, as a tapa, or dessert. Every region in Spain produces its own varieties - from creamy and soft, to hard and tangy.

How to Pack Milk in a Lunch Box

Schools are now encouraging parents to send in healthier lunches. They even provide parents with copies of the food pyramid so that they know how many servings children need from each group. One of those groups is dairy. Parents can make sure their children are getting their recommended dairy servin

Healthy Snacks for Kids in School

School-age children are exposed to many unhealthy snacks. Candy and cookies are OK once in a while, but for daily snacks at school or afterward, make sure that your child is eating healthy foods. This is not difficult or even expensive.

Keep Your Family Safe From Soy Protein Danger!

If you have been hearing all about how good soy products are for you, and how much the soybean can benefit your health on so many levels, then you might be very surprised to hear that soy is not any o

A Delicious Collection of Pork Recipes from "High on the Hog"

Here is a collection of recipes for eating "high on the hog." That expression refers to the fact that the cuts of pork considered the most desirable were found along the top of the hog. These more expensive cuts, like the loin and tenderloin, traditionally went to the wealthy, while the le

How to Make Roasted Fennel

See how easy (and delicious) it is to roast fennel – bring out its sweetness and get a lovely brown edge.

How to Use Chia Seeds

Chia seeds contain high levels of essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Once eaten by the Aztecs and Mayans, these black and white seeds are versatile, fitting into a number of different food dishes and drinks. According to healthy living website Your Natural Wellness, just 2 tbsp. of chia see

How to brew beer in five simple steps

Which claims which stepping into home brewing is difficult? It is not when you are correctly led using the proper and easy to understand actions on how to brew beer, after that getting the first brew