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Learning Conversational Japanese

Japanese can be a difficult language to learn and, at times, seem impossible to master. But the real reward comes when you are able to use your new skills to not only speak to someone else in their native tongue, but to be able to learn about one another, joke or simply talk about life. While true f

Good Souls, by Dorothy Parker

In this character study (originally published in 1919), Parker describes a type of person (a caricature, in fact) rather than an individual personality. In the final paragraphs, she appears to temper her satire with a degree of genuine sympathy.

Vrais amis - French English Cognates - L

Increase your vocabulary with this list of 1,700 French-English cognates - words which are identical in the two languages and share at least one meaning.

French Toolbar

Install the free French toolbar in your internet browser for easy access to useful pages on Learn French at, as well as links to other features like online French radio and TV.


What does the French word entretenir mean? How is it pronounced and used?

How to Get a Chinese to English Text Translation

The Chinese and English languages are very different in both their alphabet and their grammatical structure. Translating one language to another can be difficult unless a person is well versed in both English and in Chinese. Fortunately there are ways to translate Chinese to English that don't requi

What Is Ireland's National Flower?

Ireland does not have a national flower. However, the shamrock is a registered trademark of the Republic of Ireland and is also the unofficial national flower of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Despite its unofficial status, and the fact that many people do not consider the clover

What Is Basic English?

Basic English is a simplified version of the English language with a vocabulary of 850 words.