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Different types of lawyers to handle different cases

The Sarasota Lawyers of Law firm provides legal services for clients throughout the state of Florida as well as serving the local Sarasota. They have handled more than thousands of auto accident and o

How to Protect an Informant's Identity Under California Case Law

California courts have wrestled with protecting an informant's identity to encourage cooperation among the public and the police and a defendant's constitutional right to confront his or her accusers. Under most circumstances, the informant's identity must be disclosed to the defendant. Under Califo

Georgia Arrest Records - Benjo Mars

It's now easy to obtain Arrest Records For Free because of the aid that you can get online. One important thing that an individual must know is that for every single case in which the person

Difference Between a Police Record & a Criminal Record

A police record and a criminal record are different yet can overlap. Both can affect employment, apartment rentals, promotions and business licensing. Your criminal record can affect also your voting rights.

What Are Most Important Decisions to Make After a DUI?

What do you tell the officer after you've been pulled over for a possible DUI? Do you always need a lawyer? These and other questions are answered as we try to find the most important decisions you make before and after DUI charges.

Legal Research Pt. 1 (Up-To 2,500 Words)

Legal Memorandum TO: The Office of The State's Attorney for Massac County, Illinois CC: Legal Studies 300 Professor- Murray State University FROM: Nathan McNichols RE: D. Hill- Exploration of primary and secondary authorities pertaining to ...

Avoid DUI Charges: Get the Best DUI Lawyer

The DUI charges are very frustrating and can damage your reputation in the society. If you get caught, it could be better to find and contact an expert DUI lawyer in your area to lessen your charges or acquit you fully from them.

How An Alcohol Breathalyzer Helps You To Know Your Limit?

There are several techniques and tests to know your BAC but not all of them are reliable enough or as fast as a Breathalyzer Test. To be honest with you guys, the ratio of alcoholics in USA is increasing day by day and most of the amount is of teenagers and girls who are pregnant. In short, the dile

Tampering With Witnesses Laws in California

Witness tampering, outlined by the U.S. Code, is loosely defined as perpetrating or threatening any action that would prevent or induce a material witness from providing prosecutors and law enforcement officials with information pertaining to a criminal investigation. California likewise defines wit

Searches And The Criminal Lawyer In Flagstaff AZ

In many instances, the evidence that the prosecution has was derived from a search of the defendant or the defendant's property. The legality of the search is very important to the criminal lawyer in Flagstaff ...

What Is an Arrest Warrant?

An arrest warrant is a document that calls for someone to be brought into police custody. Arrest warrants are official orders from the state calling for the accused to be held to answer for a specific crime. If you have an arrest warrant issued against you, you will be taken into custody as soon as

Bail Bond Help for Criminal Proceedings

If a person is arrested for a crime, it is up to the county judge to decide whether or not to release the defendant on their own recognizance, hold them without bail, or set a ...

Examples of When Searching Without a Warrant Would Be Upheld

There are several circumstances under which police may conduct a search without a warrant.police sign image by Vladislav Gajic from Fotolia.comPolice usually cannot search a home, vehicle or other real or personal property without a court-issued search warrant. There are exceptional...

Five Most Common Traffic Offences And How To Avoid Them

There are many different kinds of traffic violations that you should avoid. Becoming aware of these offences will ensure that you are abiding by the law and will help you prevent being prosecuted by law.

Domestic Violence in New Jersey

When you are married or in a committed relationship with someone you care about, you never expect to find yourself the victim or perpetrator of domestic violence.

How to Erase a Felony Record

Criminal convictions compromise your ability to find employment. Many professional associations, such as bar associations, deny membership to individuals who have been convicted of serious felonies. Felonies are defined as crimes punishable by one or more years in prison. Crimes such as burglary, fr