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How to Disable the Taskbar Slider

The Start menu and Taskbar have been a consistent tool used by Microsoft as part of its graphical user interface (GUI) since Windows 95. While they were once rigidly defined in their functions, now they are more customizable. The Start menu provides shortcuts to your most-used programs, the Taskbar

How to Create a Hex File

Files with the extension HEX contain data that are saved in a hexadecimal format. Hexadecimal format is a variant of binary format that encodes numbers using a base 16 number system rather than the base 2 system that computer systems use. You can create a HEX file using a simple text editing program

How to Open a Program From Another VB.Net Code

VB.Net is Microsoft's version of the Visual Basic programming language for the .NET framework and the "Express" version is available free from Microsoft's website as part of their Visual Studio suite. In previous versions of Visual Basic, the "shell" command would be used to open a program from with

How to Fix a Computer in Safe Mode

Fixing a computer in safe mode is the most efficient way to solve a computer issue you may be having, whether it's a virus or spyware. Safe mode in a Windows-based operating system basically halts certain processes on your computer that may be causing the damage to begin with. If your computer is no

How to Restore the System of a T6410

The emachines T6410 is an older computer running the Windows XP Home Edition operating system. If your T6410 develops problems, you may wish utilize the built-in system restore feature. The system restore utility returns your system to an earlier date before your system developed problems.

How to Install Errors in CorelDRAW Runtime

CorelDRAW is a graphics editing software developed and marketed by Corel Corporation. With CorelDRAW, you can create graphics, layouts, page layers and much more. You may encounter a runtime error while installing CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 Service Pack 1. You may receive an error message that says

How Do I Configure a DHCP Cisco 1841?

The Cisco 1841 is a highly capable router that provides the full feature set needed for small or remote office connectivity to the Internet or other private networks. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) service is one of the features supported by the Cisco 1841 and must be enabled if the rou

How to Remove MSN From Windows XP

Microsoft has provided a variety of applications for download, including MSN Messenger and the MSN toolbar. You may want to uninstall these programs before you download and install the new Windows Live tools, which include the Windows Live Messenger program, or to switch to different web services li

How to Fix the Missing File Mshtml.dll

A DLL, or Dynamic-Link Library, file is a small piece of programming code that is borrowed by Windows and other software to perform a specific function. Programmers create software to be compatible with various DLLs instead of including the same codes for the same functions in every program. This te

How to Download Phoneserve Software

Phoneserve is a free Internet phone software program that allows you to call family and friends at different destinations across the world at a fraction of the cost of regular phone services. It is only available for Windows operating systems and is very quick and simple to install on your computer.

How to Clear a Recent Documents List From a Windows Start Menu

The Recent Documents folder is a Windows folder that enables you to view files that you have opened, viewed and edited recently. It enables you to launch those files whenever you want without having to go through system folders to locate them. Over time, the Recent Documents folder can get crowded w

How to Remove SpyEraser

SpyEraser was a security application offered by software maker UniBlue. SpyEraser scans the computer for various forms of spyware, including tracking cookies, memory processes, registry keys and infected files. Upon finding infections, the program offers to remove them. If you purchased the full ver

How to Paint Metal Windows

Metal window frames are usually made from aluminum. While removing the windows from the frames is the only way to fully paint them, including the tracks in which the windows slide, you can still repaint the frames in their visible areas if you can't remove them. Wait for a time when the weather has

How to Replace OEM XP License Key

Users running the Windows XP Operating System (OS) must have a valid license key to use the OS. With this license key, the user is authorized to use the operating system as well as apply updates and hotfixes. If you currently have an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) license key that came with y

How to Close an Application on an iPad

When you open an application on your iPad, that application stays running until you manually close it, sapping processing power from your tablet. Using the "Home" button to exit the application only minimizes the window. If you want to truly close the item, you must access the iPad's hidden applicat

How to Copy NTFS Partitions With GParted

A file system is a method used to organize data on a storage device. GParted, a free disk software, can create, copy and modify hard disk partitions that use a number of file systems, including New Technology File System (NTFS), used by Windows. You can use GParted to clone the contents of an NTFS p

How to Repair the Installation of a Skip Device Setup in XP

Install the drivers for hardware that is not working or repair the installation of a skip device setup in XP for full functionality of installed devices. Simply find the updated driver on the website of the manufacturer or an alternative site, download the necessary file, and the device will be work

Copy and Paste Problems in Windows XP

If you have a program open that captures your keyboard's strokes and forwards them to another computer such as Remote Desktop, you might not succeed in copying or pasting into other windows because of a small bug in Remote Desktop in Windows XP that prevents you from regaining control of your keyboa

How to Change Your Clothes in "Dungeon Fighter Online"

"Dungeon Fighter Online" provides you with a choice of five classes: the Gunner, the Slayer, the Mage, the Priest and the Fighter. Within each class, you have three to four subclasses from which to choose. The variety of choices allows for a multitude of characters in the game. However, you are stil