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The Top 3 Ways to Get the Best Registry Cleaner For Your PC

Registry is your computer's central database, and it is constantly modified by every program on it. Eventually, it gets piled up with errors, causing a decline in your computer's performance. One of the best ways to solve this is to get a registry cleaner. These programs speed up your comp

How to Put the Norton Icon on a Taskbar

The Windows system tray is the right side of your task bar that holds icons for minimized software. You can add the Norton Antivirus icon in the task bar's system tray, so you always have instant view of any updates or threats. Minimizing the software to the system tray is a preference option availa

Recovering Deleted Files Efficiently and Quickly

Recovering deleted files efficiently and quickly will eventually become something that just about every computer user is going to have to know how to do, whether he or she is using a PC or a Mac. This is because just about everybody will end up deleting a file or some other folder or the like that w

Discussing Dangerous Devices Used by Cyber Criminals

- The summer travel season has arrived and one of the places where you are most vulnerable is the airport, I am not talking about pickpockets here, oh no, it is getting much more technologically ...

Home Security: Do It Yourself Home Security

Custom plans are less messy - Let us say you found a deal that's excellent, it is just missing several small features. The integral system alerts a call center when the sensor gets web blog; security equipment

How to Recover Lost Windows XP Password

How to Recover Lost Windows XP Password? Ways to recover lost Windows XP password are here! Help you reset Windows XP password easily and do Windows XP password recovery conveniently!

Improve online presence with the VeriSign Trust Seal

Boost online presence with the VeriSign Trust Seal, which helps increase customer loyalty and trust. Showing the users the legitimacy of your website improves the confidence of users on your website."

How to Turn Off Ad-Aware

If you browse the Internet without any security software, you run the risk of infecting your computer with a virus. Ad-Aware is a free program developed by Lavasoft that detects and removes unwanted files such as viruses, spyware and malware. The program runs in the background and can hog system res

As A Small Business, Do You Need A Https Certificate?

HTTP is the highest layer of the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) model but the protocol for security operates in a sub-layer where it encrypts HTTP messages before transmission. The SSL cryptographic system utilizes two keys, one public and one private, for data encryption.

Exchange Server Denies to Write EDB and CHK Files After Corruption

Is your Microsoft Exchange Server database service denying write access to database files or checkpoint files? Are you unable to extract information from Microsoft Exchange database? This behavior makes your entire Exchange database unusable and leads to significant data loss situations.

RAID Failure: Complex System But Can Be Reverted!

RAID is the most secure and advanced mode of storing data. It has many levels of storage and starting from RAID 0 till RAID n. This system provides enhanced security features of your system and ...

Common Computer Problems and How to Repair Them

Do you experience slowing down of your PC's performance? Or does it often freezes or crash? Does it shows pop up window messages that say DLL errors? Almost every one can experience this kind of computer problems. Some have serious case than others however; computer problems can be repair easil

Six Backup Practices to Give Up for the New Year

According to Don Jones, in his The Definitive Guide to Windows Application and Server Backup 2.0, the first step in any healing process is admitting your mistakes, and these may include your current backup practices. ...

To Find the Best Data Recovery Tools for Hard Drives

If you've not yet experienced major data loss, take that as a personal gift from heaven and go get yourself a real automated backup solution, like regular manual backup and free online backups.