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Simply speaking, animation is the process of making films, movies, videos or computer games in which drawings or models of people and animals seem to move. The illusion, in fact, is created by the consecutive display of images of static elements. In the case of film and video production, it refers t

Online San Diego Art Gallery - A New Age Art Gallery

With the passing time even art galleries have expanded and entered online market. You can now locate the best San Diego gallery in the online market.Things have changed a lot since years. Gone are those ...

How to Make a Bucking Roll

Bucking rolls are essential for protecting the legs and lower body of the rider. Originally, a bucking roll was just a blanket or pad tied to the saddle horn. Sometimes the riders would simply cut off the saddle horn to avoid the problem altogether. However, for reasons of security, the modern bucki

How to Insert a Block from a Drawing Lisp

If you are programming a visual item using the Lisp language, you may be doing so through a Drawing Lisp (drawing.lisp) file. This allows users to create static visual layouts through the Lisp language. You can insert “Block” commands around any visual element (though it works best with

How to Find Color Pallets for Painting My House

Finding the right paint color palette for your your house might not entail the hard, dirty work that actually painting it does, but choosing paint color combinations can be stressful. First of all, relax. By following steps to find the right palette, and testing each color, you will find a combinati

Butterflies, Flowers Volumes 1, 2 and 3

Read a review of Butterflies, Flowers Volumes 1-3, a josei manga series by Yuki Yoshihara from Shojo Beat / VIZ Media. Choko Kuze comes from a once-wealthy family that has fallen upon hard times. At her first office job, she gets assigned to work under Masayuki Domoto, a handsome, but strict and sli

How to Draw and Color Pages With Cars

There are many different kind of cars that are fun to draw and color. There are exotic cars with unique designs and colors. Draw multiple cars and color them however you like. Create custom designs and color patterns on the cars or keep the colors solid and standard. You do not have to draw only car

How to Make Your Own Anime Portrait

Anime is an art form that originated in Japan around 1917. Since the 1980s, anime, also known as Japanese animation, has become widely popular the world over, especially in the United States. Cartoons such as Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, and You Gi Oh are animated shows that feature classic anime-des

How to Draw a Dog Step-by-Step

Whether they're providing companionship, keeping watch, or leading a search party, dogs play an important role in our lives. Dogs come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and breeds, but their basic form can be created with a head, body, four legs and a tail. Adding details such as long or short hair,

How to Remove Baked-On Paint From Glass Coasters

When you have painted glass coasters that are chipping or peeling, you might think the only solution is tossing them into the garbage and buying new ones. But instead, you could remove the baked-on paint by using a couple of widely available solvents, enabling you to use the glass coasters again. Th

Cartooning Tips from the Pros

The quantity of drawings cartooning entails means that line must be the primary means of creating the illusion of three-dimensional girl cartoon image by Edyta Anna Grabowska from Fotolia.comThe techniques artists use to draw cartoons have much in common with the methods other...

How to Draw a Simple Car

This is a basic car shape, to be used in cartoons and comics. For a more precise drawing or for a drawing of a more specific type of car, find a model of the car you would like to draw; use this drawing only as a jumping-off point and make modifications as necessary.

How to Prevent Black Mold in Bathroom Paint

Black mold is a toxic fungus that grows in areas with high humidity. Bathrooms are especially susceptible to black mold, which can implant itself within Sheetrock and cause not only unsightly black spots on your walls and ceiling, but headaches, nausea and respiratory distress in you and your family

My Cartoon Dream

I remember when I was young, very young; deep inside of me I dream I could experience what it would be like to live a cartoon character. I would often dream of all the great benefits of being a living cartoon: being able to live forever, take wacky shots, running super fast, flying, being funny, or

How to Refinish Formica Cabinets

You can enhance the appearance of your Formica cabinets by refinishing them with the appropriate coating. Before you begin, understand a pair of important points. Formica is slick and nonporous. These characteristics make it ill-suited for paint adhesion. You must abrade the cabinets prior to applic

Ideas for Painting Light Fixtures

If you have a light fixture that is more of an eyesore than an asset in your home, try fixing it up with some paint instead of getting rid of it. The results may surprise you. Some perfectly good light fixtures look bad because of peeling or strangely colored paint. They can be made beautiful with a