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Can Your Offer in Compromise Be Processed?

A large number of Offer in Compromise applications are returned as being unable to process by IRS staff. An Offer cannot be processed if it is missing any of the required forms, is missing any required backup documentation, or if you have not enclosed payment or a request for a fee waiver. An Offer

California Domestic Partnership Guidelines

California law gives same-sex couples and certain opposite-sex couples the right to form domestic partnerships. Domestic partners have all the same rights and responsibilities as married couples, and state law forbids agencies from treating domestic partners any differently than married couples. The

What Is a Corporation's Taxable Income?

The taxable income of a corporation is the amount of money the company has to pay taxes on at the end of the year. The taxable income is not the same as the tax liability or the gross income of the business. Taxable income can be affected by legitimate business deductions.

Who Should Use Tax Form 1040 Schedule F?

Farmers report their net profit or loss from farming on IRS Form 1040 Schedule F. This form reports income and expenses for self-employed farmers.

About a Refinance Tax Deduction

If you're considering refinancing, keep in mind that unless the new interest rate is at least 2 percent less than your current mortgage rate, it may not be worth it to refinance because the difference over the life of the loan may not equal the upfront fees associated with refinancing. However, if y

Energy Tax Credit Information

Energy tax credits are part of a larger push towards green living in the United States. These credits reduce the amount of taxes owed because they offsetting or paying some or all of your taxes. Energy tax credits are not refundable, so they do not increase your tax refund.

Mililtary Questions for Filing Taxes

As a member of the military, the federal government provides you special tax benefits that allow you more time to file your taxes and pay less income tax. There are a few concepts that you should be aware of before filing your taxes that will answer most questions you have.

IRS Tax Extension - How Will You File a Tax Extension Online?

Paying taxes is not entirely the problem still most people fail to file their return before the deadline because they find it difficult to prepare their return files. If you think that you will not be able to pay your taxes before the deadline, you don't have to panic. You can apply for IRS tax

Warranty Deed Information for Michigan

Property titles are held by the owners of the home and property. If the owners sell the home to someone else, the title is transferred by using a warranty deed. The state of Michigan accepts warranty deeds as valid after certain requirements have been met. Generally, warranty deeds submitted for rec

Should I File My Taxes if I Don't Have All of My W2's?

One of the first steps in filing your taxes is gathering all of your documents. Before you can file, you need to have all of your income documentation, including a W2 form from each employer you worked for during the previous year. If you do not have your W2, you need to contact the employer right a

How to use tax refund wisely?

Did you ever receive your long awaited tax refund, yet you don't know how to spend it wisely? Tax refund usage should be wise because first of all, it is not free money. So it is very importa

What Tax Resolution Services Does an Enrolled Agent Offer?

Enrolled agents are licensed to represent taxpayers in dealings with the Internal Revenue Service. In that capacity, they can provide a variety of tax resolution services. With the array of tax consultants out there, you ...

How Long Do You Have to Work Somewhere to Take Out a Car Loan?

Lenders determine credit risk based on information obtained from your credit report, your employment history and annual income. Most lenders prefer at least two years of verifiable employment history and income. Some lenders may allow less, although you might obtain a higher interest rate than avera

What Is a 1098 Tax Form?

There are several types of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 1098. The basic form is used by taxpayers to report interest received from mortgages through business activities. Only the person receiving interest and mortgage payments needs to file this form, and only in certain instances. Other form

Famous Tax Frauds

If one could have a favorite fraud issue, mine would have to be the one pulled on an entire population of African Americans in the late 90's. It reoccurs every year and is known as the 'Reparations Credit'. The story behind it is that Congress passed the law that gave all African Amer

Tax Extensions - Good or Bad?

Are you one of the millions of Americans who filed for an income tax extension this year? On average, 3 million businesses and 10 million individuals file for tax extensions each year, but all of ...

2009 Federal Tax Table at a Glance

Taxes strike fear into the hearts of many Americans. The thought of figuring out the 2009 Federal Tax Tables is just too much for many people. With a little help though, it can be very easy figure out how much your taxes will be quickly so you are prepared when it comes time to do your taxes.

Tax Break Record - The Fastest Method To Manage Your Fees

Why is duty time therefore demanding that many of individuals hesitate as it pertains to taxes? Do you set them down before last second because you do not need to know what you owe the IRS? Or, do they put by you down because you're unorganized? Aside from why you set them down, I guess you