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Cheap Remortgage Deals:Are Leads Online Enough?

Remortgage involves the process of acquiring a new loan from a different lender to pay an existing loan. Paying a loan out of the loan proceeds from a different source is a good idea if the interest rate offer is significantly lower than your existing loan rate.Remortgaging involves a huge amount of

Diferent types of mortgages

Fixed rate home loan restricts the amount of additional payments you can make, a floating rate home loan does not. You do have the certainty in knowing what your payments will be for a period of time

One Step to Secure the Future

Mortgaging is transferring of land or other immovable or any other property as security for the payment of money. Sometimes, this is officially made to secure the repayment of money borrowed by the owner of ...

What Happens To Mortgages When A Home Sells

You’ve decided to make the plunge and sell you home. More than a few people have innocently asked me, “What happens to my mortgage when I sell my home?”

Do I Need to Have Good Credit to Refinance My Home?

The process to refinance your home is similar to the process to obtain a new mortgage loan. You will need to acquire an approval from a mortgage lender, and most lenders perform a credit check to ascertain the borrower's credit score. The borrower's credit score helps determine qualification for a p

How to Find a Debt Ratio

Debt ratios are used by investors and lenders to gauge a borrower's financial health. For lenders, a debt ratio can be an indicator of whether a borrower has means to repay. For investors, a debt ratio can be used to see how much a company's activities are financed through borrowing. The formula for

The Risks of Walking Away From a Mortgage

Walking away from a mortgage may seem like the only solution when you can't make the payment. However, the consequences or risk of walking away from a mortgage are serious and long-lasting. Know the risks of walking away, and then consider alternatives to help solve your situation.

What Are the Benefits of FHA Financing?

FHA loans are a popular method of financing a home image by Cora Reed from Fotolia.comFHA loans are federally assisted loans that are issued by private, federally qualified lenders insured by the United States Federal Housing Administration. They originally were designed...

How to Refinance With HUD

Refinancing your mortgage is a significant financial decision. You must have a solid grasp of your finances before seeking a refinance. Some of the most sound loan programs are offered through the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the federal lending arm of the Housing and Urban Development Admi

The Best Home Purchase and Mortgage Refinance

Having a home is a source of security to any individual. Apart from having a roof over your head; through time it provides equity upon which you can get loans to further other investments and expendit

Foreclosures Grow in Mortgage Market's Top Tiers

New information suggest that foreclosures are rising in more expensive housing markets. About 30% of foreclosures in June involved homes in the top third of local housing values, up from 16% when the foreclosure crisis ...