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Avoid These Credit Repair Mistakes!

Most people make mistakes when they try to repair their own credit. Here are some common mistakes and how you can avoid them!

5 Easy Processes of Achieving Credit Repair

Getting yourself involved with bad credit can be one of the most disturbing things that can ever happen to you and the only saving grace that comes to mind is credit repair. How to get yourself out of bankruptcy seems to be the only thing on your mind right now. You keep thinking of the numerous cal

How Do You Reload a Prepaid Debit Card?

It is quite amazing that these days everyone wants to have a debit card. Okay, it is not totally surprising, as I know that it feels really good buying things before getting the cash, but ...

Credit Card Debt Consolidation Services - A Prudent Step Towards Debt Relief

Credit card debt consolidation services work with an objective to reduce your credit card debt payments and effect the repayment in simple schedules, where all the balances are combined into one easy consolidated monthly payment. Debt consolidation services can help you become debt-free in five year

How to Make a Bill of Sale Form

Used for purchases from houses to handbags, bills of sale are an important record-keeping device for both retailer and consumer. If you are selling to the public, you will want to offer your customers a proof of purchase, but the bill of sale is also an invaluable tool for income recording and inven

Why You Need A Credit Report

When applying for a loan or credit, lenders will gain access to credit reports to find out about your credit history. Unfortunately, this credit report stays with us for life so any mismanagement of credit when young may affect you many years after you have sorted out your finances. Reasons why your

Minnesota Statute of Limitations on Wage Garnishment

When a debtor fails to pay his debt obligations, creditors can seek a garnishment judgment against him. Once a creditor obtains a garnishment judgment, the creditor has a prescribed period of time within which to collect the debt. There is a limit on the amount a creditor can collect during a work w

Clean Up Your Credit Report - How to Raise Your Score With More Than 100 Points

There are different ways to clean up your credit report. Most of the 35 million Americans with less than stellar credit have embarked on the traditional way of credit repair-time, financial discipline, careful budget planning and perseverance. Such strategy has proven to bring long term credit succe

A Beginner's Guide to Credit Cards

A lot of people do not know that there are several types of credit cards being offered on the market today. They are standard, premium, store and secured credit cards. Before you start signing on for a new card, it is best to learn all the features, terms and fees that come with each card.

The Benefits of Obtaining a Student Credit Card

One of the most important things you need to learn early in life is how to take care of your finances and be responsible with your money, and a student credit card may be just the thing to help. There are many credit companies that offer student credit cards to students, and there are a variety of g

The Pros and Cons of a Prepaid Credit Card

Paying with prepaid plastic eliminates the possibility of racking up debt through impulse card and hand image by Warren Millar from Fotolia.comCredit cards can be dangerous to their user. Through spur of the moment spending or sheer fiscal irresponsibility, debts can pile up...

Improve Your Credit Scores - The Easy Way

Credit score is the criteria followed by the credit bureaus to decide whether you are eligible of getting the sum from them or not. In case you were unable to pay your previous bills, you won't be provided with another loan. Bad credit score will follow you for your life.

How Often Do Credit Card Companies Sue People for Money Owed?

Your credit card provider does not have to wait patiently for you to pay off your delinquent debt--- it can file a lawsuit against you as part of its collection efforts. A successful lawsuit gives the company the ability to take more aggressive action when collecting the debt---sometimes even direct

Repair Your Credit - How to Remove a Judgment From Your Credit Report

When you really need to receive credit for something significant your credit score is vital, therefore, you will need to remove any judgement on your credit report right away. You will need to know how to begin removing that judgement because one simple miscalculation could have a detrimental effect

Running Your Monthly Budget Through Prepaid Cards

Many people tend to look at prepaid cards like gift cards. Although they can be spent in this way, and given as gifts as a sort of generic gift card. There is actually something far more powerful you can do.

How Do I Obtain Credit Reports for Potential Customers?

Requesting a customer's credit report is permissible by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) as long as the person or business requesting the report follows certain guidelines. It is illegal to pull the credit report of anyone other than yourself without express permission. The purposes can be relat