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Understanding Muscle Fibers and What They Do

Many people who work out at the gym have no idea behind why their muscles are getting bigger as they lift weights. Here is a very basic explanation of what muscles are made of and what makes them grow. Muscles are composed of three types of basic fibers: slow twitch fibers, fast twitch fibers (A), a

How to Put on Muscle Mass For Skinny Guys

How to put on muscle mass if you are skinny can seem like a tough question. Many skinny guys hit the gym day after day sweating, puffing and coming back sore and tired only to weight themselves a few weeks later and look in the mirror to see only minimal muscle growth if any at all. IT can seem doub

Advice on How to Gain Weight With a High Metabolism

How to gain weight with a fast metabolism can be a challenging thing to do. This is because individuals who have high metabolic rates tend to burn more calories than they can consume. If you are slim or skinny, chances are that your body is a calorie burning machine. Many people want to lose body we

How Protein Shakes Can Help Grow Your Muscles

What makes the powder form amazing is that it can be consumed in many ways. They are designed to be mixed, after all. You can use them for a variety of drinks. But, the best way to consume them probably would be the protein shake. Delicious protein shakes, anyone?

Gaining Muscle Mass Quickly

Gaining Muscle Mass Quickly, it's what everybody wants to be able to do, but how? Well, there are three basic fundamental laws of which everybody (even professional bodybuilders) must adhere to in order to be successful at this. So what are the three laws to gaining muscle mass quickly?

Get Growing - What Causes Muscle Growth?

Even with today's technology, everything is still not completely understood on what causes muscle growth. There are actually a whole series of biological processes that are triggered after hard, heavy weight training.

Muscle Building Routines - How to Gain Muscle Mass Effectively

In today's 'fast food world,' everyone is expecting to get a simple answer off the internet from Google. Do take precaution in following muscle building routines and tips you find though. Many writers are not even qualified to give advise to you. To be straightforward, I will tell you

3 Hidden Secrets To Building Muscle After 50!

Physical change through exercise can occur at any age and be as dramatic at 25 as it is at 50! While the human body tends to slow down with age, (the rate at which this occurs mostly depends on your lifestyle) the same fundamentals for muscle building still apply. However, it is necessarily critical

The Best Workout to Gain Muscle

So you are really serious about this huh? You want to gain muscle right? Well you've come to the right place because I will show you the best workout to gain muscle. Firstly you must take the muscle builders creed. You MUST commit yourself to this because results are long in coming, however onc

Avoid These Two Common Calf Training Mistakes

Having a pair of muscular calves is certainly a goal for most bodybuilders. However, for some it's an elusive goal. If you're on your way to building big calves or searching for ways to get your calves bigger, then make sure that you're not making these two common calf training mistak

Four Strength Training Tips For Women

Building muscle aids in burning more fat. The more muscle you have, the more fat your body will burn. While muscles weigh more than fat, they are more dense.

Vince Delmonte Workout - 5 Muscle Building Workout Tips

The Vince Delmonte workout program aims to show skinny hardgainers how to gain weight and build muscle, often where they have failed to previously. Below are my five muscle building tips that every hardgainer should be utilizing in order to gain muscle mass, and I've shown how each one relates

Get Your Dream Abs Easily - How to Do Ab Exercises Without Equipment

Looking for an easy solution to get toned abs without using any equipment? Want to get rid of your belly fats easily in a healthy way? Looking for a risk free solution to get a flat stomach? Let's learn about how to do ab exercises without equipment and get a sexy tummy in a simple and easy way

The Progressive Overload Principal

Simply put, progressive overload is constantly challenging your muscles and heart by putting them through different workouts on a regular basis, so they don't adapt to a routine. This includes: -Regularly increasing intensity by adding weight, once it become too easy.

Incline Bench Press: Dumbbells Vs Barbell

Information on the incline bench press is explained in this article. The pros and cons of using dumbbells and barbells are spelt out for this specific training routine.

Building Muscle Mass - Quality Protein Resources!

Chicken and turkey should always be cooked skinless and without fat. Yes I know that everyone's most favorite part is the skin but your body says otherwise. Chicken along with turkey are one of my most favorite protein resources.

The Only Three Laws of Building Muscle Mass Fast That You Need to Follow

Guys everywhere are on the lookout for tips and techniques that will allow them to build muscle mass fast. I'm here to tell you that you don't need one hundreds tips and special instructions. You can get cut quickly and easily if you abide by the only three laws that you need to follow to