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How to Be Invincible in "Minecraft"

"Minecraft" is a computer game designed for people with different styles of play. For example, you can play with the Hard difficulty setting for a challenge with nightly monsters, or you can set it to Peaceful difficulty to focus strictly on building. Setting the game to Peaceful also allows you to

Welding Marking Tools

Mark on metal using a special marking tool when welding.Metal image by jun zhou from Fotolia.comWeld pieces of metal together to create interesting sculptures and other functional items around the house. There are special tools to use when marking the metal. Several of the tools include...

How to Make a Wrist Band With Pockets

Make a wristband to wear out walking or jogging and add a pocket to the wristband to hold a miniature music player or a little bit of change. Make the wristband from a terrycloth fabric in a color that matches your jogging outfit and add a zipper to the wristband pocket to make sure nothing falls ou

The Instructions for Crocheted Prayer Angels

If you can crochet, put your skills to good use and brighten the day of someone who needs some cheer. Make a small crocheted angel and send it to someone along with a note of kindness; it will go a long way toward reminding the recipient that even in difficult times, there are people who care. You w

Crochet Projects Using P Hooks

P hooks are a popular choice for both beginning crocheters and more experienced ones who want to get projects done quickly. P hooks are one of the larger sized crochet hooks; they are classified as 10 mm or 000 in the United Kingdom. The P hook lends itself to larger projects or projects with an ope

How to Make an Origami 4-Point Star

Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, can be used to make a number of fun objects, such as animals or flowers. It can also be used to create useful projects, such as small boxes or bowls, as well as many different types of decorations. These decorations, including the four-point star, can be

How do I Cut Curves in Coroplast?

Coroplast is a brand that gets its name from what it is made of: corrugated plastic. Coroplast is similar to corrugated cardboard but is more durable, weatherproof and resistant to chemicals and UV fading. The product commonly is used in promotional and election signs and storage boxes. Coroplast ca

Nautical Beach Crafts to Make

After trips to the beach or on a ship, you may have nautical or beach souvenirs taking up space in a drawer at home. Nautical and beach materials, such as rope and shells, make good materials for nautical-themed crafts. You can make gifts for friends and family, or add to your home decor.

How to Double-Crochet a Border on a Blanket

Crocheting a border around a blanket can be simple if you understand the basics of crochet stitch construction. These instructions work for any blanket that is a rectangle or square with straight sides. Blankets that have uneven or scalloped edges should be left with these decorative details as edgi

Video: How to Give a Shirt Shoulder Holes

Video Transcript Hi, I'm Angela with Freestyle Fashionista, and today I'm gonna show you how to give a shirt shoulder holes. The materials needed is going to be stick pins and some scissors. Okay, the first thing you wanna do is put your shirt on and decide where you want the shoulder...

Directions for the Crayola Crayon Maker

The Crayola Crayon Maker turns crayon bits into new, usable crayons. With the product, you melt crayon pieces, pour the liquid into molds, and let the new crayons cool and set. You can even make mixed-color crayons with swirls. Many different versions of the product have been produced. This Toy of t

How to Color Wax for Candles

Paraffin and beeswax -- the most common waxes used in candle making -- come in natural and pre-colored sheets, chunks or powders. Pre-colored waxes may be more difficult to find, however, and colors tend to be limited. To make your own colored candles, you can purchase liquid or powdered dyes specif

Video: Clay Pottery Wax Dipping

Video Transcript Now, once your paraffin wax is nice and melted, you do want to have a couple of brushes that you've dedicated just to the wax. You're never going to be able to use these for anything else ever again. So, dedicate a couple of brushes to your wax pan and they need to be...

Crafts: How to Make Uses for Lanyard String

Plastic craft lace is often used to make lanyards. It's a flexible, plastic string that comes in several colors. There are various weaving and tying techniques used in creating lanyard projects. It's a common craft done in Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups and summer camps to create key chains, neckla

How to Make a Doll Bowler Hat

Bowler hat is the British term for the derby hat: a rounded crown type of headgear which became popular between the mid-19th and early 20th century. Nowadays, the hat is worn only by certain professionals, such as equestrians or as a fashion accessory. Making a miniature bowler hat for your doll is

Homemade Rubber Stamps

Add an extra, artistic touch to scrapbook making and other decorative do-it-yourself projects by designing and making homemade rubber stamps. A favorite shape can become a decorative element for use on any project. Homemade rubber stamps can be used over and over, just like the ones made and cut thr