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I Can't Connect to the App Store

The iTunes App Store is easy to access from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, so long as you are connected to a wireless network or have 3G service. Once in the store, you can purchase and download applications directly onto your device. Depending on your location and device, you may run into issues

All the Best Things Coming in iOS 8

The changes introduced in iOS 8 aren't as major as those in iOS 7, but there's still a lot to learn. Start with these great new features.

How to Transfer an iPod Touch to a New Computer

Apple does not exactly encourage the sharing of music from one iPod to another. As a result, most syncing takes place in only one direction, from iTunes to an iPod device, and in order to sync two iPods to the same computer, an entirely new library must be created. There is one exception to the rule

How to Rig an iPod to a Factory Stereo

iPods have become a popular way to store your music collection. But without any built-in sources of amplification, it can be hard to broadcast your songs -- minus the ear phones. However, thanks to modern home-audio connectivity standards, it is easy to rig your iPod to almost any stereo system. Wi

How to Locate an iPhone Without MobileMe

Apple supports a tool called Find My iPhone that helps users locate missing devices using GPS coordination and mapping. In the early years of the iPhone, this tool was only available for individuals who paid for a yearly MobileMe subscription. However, now all iPhone users can use a free version of

What If I Jailbreak My iPhone Twice?

Jailbreaking is the colloquial name given to a procedure that "unlocks" a SIM-bearing iPhone for use with another carrier. Generally speaking, jailbreaking is something you only need to do once; once a phone is jailbroken, you can use it with any carrier's SIM card. However, certain other modificati

Los Angeles Times News App Review

The Los Angeles Times has completely redesigned its news app, and the new version is now available for download in the iTunes store. There are several good choices among iPhone news apps, so the LA Times app faces some stiff competition.

iPod Repair Procedures

Although the iPod brand has become near-ubiquitous with the personal media device, it is not necessarily the most durable device. Whether it is a software crash or a sticky button, there are plenty of issues that you can encounter that will call for a repair for your iPod. Following the right proced

How to Get Rid of the Photo Library on the iPhone 3G

You have two ways to put photos on the iPhone. You can take photos with the camera, or you can sync photos from your computer. To remove all the photos from your iPhone, you must configure your syncing settings not to sync your photos, and you must delete the photos you have taken. You can do this

How to Multitask Apps on an iPhone 4

Many new features are available on the iPhone 4, including a 5-megapixel camera on the front of the phone to enable video chat. The ability to organize apps into folders for easy use has also been added. And Apple has also made one of the most user-friendly changes to its phone: the ability to "mult

iPod Tricks & Secrets

The Apple iPod is one of the most popular portable audio devices on the market with more than 200 million units sold worldwide as of 2009. For many, Apple's elegant design and simple user interface are big selling points. But others see a device with far greater capabilities than are typically utili

What Are 3D Phones?

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, electronics giant LG revealed the world's first smartphone, the LG Optimus 3D. It has the ability to play 2D and 3D types of media, and even lets users create 3D movies via its two cameras. LG's smartphone inspired other developers, such as Olympus a

How to Use Gmail As an Exchange Server for iPhone Personal Email

The Apple iPhone has a settings section where you can connect to your Gmail account and use it to download email and send new email messages. The feature sets up Gmail as the exchange server for Internet email communications. When you read an email, the email is marked as "Read" in the Gmail system.

How to Transfer Songs to an iPod Shuffle or Nano

Today's iPods--including the Nano and Shuffle--can store a lot of music--Shuffles can store 500 or 1,000 songs, depending on the model, and the Nano can store 2,000 or 4,000 songs, depending on the model. Because the players don't have a built-in WiFi connection, the only way to fill them with music

How to Put in Music in an iPod Nano

The iPod Nano is really a thing of wonder. In its compact size--3.6 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, .24 inches deep--it manages to store up to 2,000 songs on an 8GB model and up to 4,000 songs on the 16GB model. Before you can take advantage of its storage capacity, however, you need to connect your i

How to Sync an iPhone in Outlook 2007 to the Exchange Server 2000

Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 is an email server used by large corporations and organizations who need their own dedicated email server to route messages to all employees. Microsoft Outlook is the default application used on desktops to send and receive email delivered by Exchange Server 2000. The

How to Remove all Information of a Purchase From an iPod

Through the iTunes application, users can transfer songs, videos and applications that they have purchased to their iPod. When a purchase is made and the iPod is synced with iTunes, a record of the transaction is saved in the iPod's memory. If you are planning to sell your iPod or give it to another

How to Detect an iPod in WMP

Your iPod is created so that it will only be detected by your iTunes software. In order for your Windows Media Player to detect your iPod, you will need to download a plug-in. The plug-in will automatically run every time you open WMP so all you have to do is download and install it. Once the plug-i