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How to Teach Your Toddler to Get Herself Back to Sleep at Night

Usually when a toddler wakes up at night their parents will rush to their side to soothe them back to sleep. However, this can develop into a bad habit of the child constantly needing a parent to help them fall back to sleep. Teaching your toddler to fall back to sleep on her own results in more sle

Teen Safety a Big Issue

In this world there is danger everywhere and you have to be aware of it. When you are trying to keep the children that you have safe you know that you have to be on constant alert. There is no way tha

Help Your Child Develop With Imaginative Play

Play is extremely important to a child's development say the experts. Babies first imitate people and situations around them, and then move on to using their imagination to create new situations. It's all a part of growing up.

Teaching Kids Healthy Sports Competition

When the 2010 Olympic Winter Games start in a few weeks, millions of people will be cheering for their favorite athletes to take home the gold. Sports competition can be healthy - as long as it's positive.

Zhu Zhu Pets Toys - Do Not Choose the Wrong Hamster

There are five Zhu Zhu Pets hamsters available at the moment, but choosing the right one that your child will get the most fun out of is often left to just picking the best color. This is perhaps the least important to your child. Different hamster characters appeal to different kids, as well as som

Tips to Recognize Children's Stress

Teaching children how to relax and de-stress is an invaluable gift to them during the day, in the evening or when they are faced with difficulties in their lives. Between the school stress of taking tests and homework,challenging social situations, or stress in their home environment, it is inevitab

Webkinz World is Safe Place For Kids on the Internet

Many concerned parents want to know more about Internet safety for kids. Webkinz World promotes responsibility, education, and getting along with others in a safe and protected on-line environment.

5 Household Student Skills

So you're living away from home for the first time, and you think you're ready for your first independent living experience, right? Well take it from us, there are bound to be situat

Razor A5 Lux Scooter - What People Love and Hate About It

The Razor A5 Lux scooter is the perfect scooter for your kids to cruise around the town as it provides a comfortable and smooth ride. The reason for this is that it is suitable for anyone above 8 years old and can sustain a substantial amount of weight.

Teens, Temptations and the Gifts of Time - Secrets for Staying True To You

It's a crazy time where all kinds of temptations are in front of you and social networks keep you plugged in, tapped in and tuned in to everything and everyone outside of yourself. There are so many responsibilities and obligations you face as a teen today that are overwhelming and make it diff

Interactive Toys Equal Family Fun

Nothing grabs a child's attention quicker than the promise of a new toy. I remember just how exciting it was to be taken toy shopping. I would peruse the shops with my older brother, and we would stare at the isles that loomed before us, filled with X-men action figures and Barbie dolls.

Teen Drivers - Distractions and Other Risk Factors

There are always more risks associated with new drivers compared to those with more experience, but if you talk to your teen and set out some ground rules, you can ensure they'll be safer while drivin

Are Teen Curfews A Good Idea?

Teen curfew is an important part of discipline and an effective way of keeping teens out of trouble. Teen curfew helps to reduce both crime and juvenile victimization, and to increase parental involvement. I think that imposing a teen curfew is essential to the health and welfare of teenagers.

Kids Games - When You Are At The Park Or At The Beach

Heading out to the park, pool or the beach? Here are some great ways guaranteed to keep your kids giggling and having lots of fun. And make sure you join in as well as it's sharing moments like these the children will always remember. The bigger fool you make of yourself the better.

Sense of Unfairness - College Education

With a child in college and three others to follow in the coming years, college education and its value has become the topic of the decade for us. I have spent years planning with clients for the eventuality of paying for college and now, as the paying parent, I can tell you that writing those check

Quality Toys and Hobbies

Quality Toys and Hobbies offers toys that are selected by experts in the field of child development.QTH offers toys from manufacturers such as Lego, Uncle Milton, Maxim and Imagiplay.