Features of a Good Domain Name

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A domain name is the representation of your website. It is a unique id. However, despite other ids, people remember this id to come closer to you. If you want to get the best from something, you don't need to give the best to every area. However, you just need to keep in check that at least everything is good. When, it will combine the result will be best.

I'm discussing some basic features required for a domain name. These will help you in deciding when you are going to look for a domain name.

Match your website name

The foremost important thing about a website name and domain name is that both should match. If someone finds your website through a search engine, he will not look for the domain name to memorize it. Rather, he will see the name of the website written in bold. If the name of the website is €Fire Fighter€, but the domain name is TheFireFighter.com. Next time when the visitor will try to go to your website, chances are heavy that he/she will type FireFighter.com instead of TheFireFighter.com and you just lost one customer to your competitor.

If you have a business with brand name and you want a website for it, it will be best if you could get the domain name with the same name as your brand name. However, one should understand how much important is the domain name matching your brand name and how much more the revenue will be if both matches. Like take the example of the latest James Bond movie Skyfall. The official website for this movie is hosted with domain name Skyfall-Movie.com. How much revenue the producer of this movie will lost due to naming the website as Skyfall-Movie.com rather than Skyfall.com. I doubt it to be even a single cent.

In the search of a perfect domain name at perfect price. The example of Skyfall is perfect example to understand importance of price. In the present world of search engines, people memorize the names of only those domain names which they think they have to visit again and again. What I will suggest is to go for same name as your brand strictly only if it is an internet specific product. Like take the example of SEOElite.com. This website is promoting a software named SEO Elite. Hence, if they choose TheSEOElite.com as their domain name chances are visitors will go to SEOElite.com even if the see they link of both the website in Google.

Match your contents

The domain name gives an idea of contents of the website. Like one will come to wallcolours.com hoping it will contain information about wall painting ideas and combinations. If the contents will differ the expectation of the visitors, they will not even wait for a sec to close your web page. This is the reason why generic domain name are so highly priced. Both search engine and internet users think that Perfume.com would contain perfumes related contents. If the content satisfies both, the website will be both popular among visitors and among search engines. However, If the content is even slightly differs from expectation it will lost its position in Google search result and visitors satisfaction.

Easy to memorize and type

This is a characteristic which everyone wants in their domain name as must. Google, Yahoo is perfect example of this. Even if in the dictionary there is no word as used by you for the domain name. It should be easy to memorize and type. Like Flippa.com, Sedo.com.

Nothing matters if your content is good

The foremost important characteristic for a website is not its name or domain name. It is the content. Every search engine will give you ranking and send the traffic based on your contents. Website like WikiLeaks or LinkedIn are popular due to its contents. Hence, spend optimum amount of money for a perfect domain name.

I hope now you know the basic features to look before you choose a domain name. Now, I'm sure you want to try looking for some domain name suitable for your website. As most of the domain name we think are already taken by someone else. One have to think out of the box to get a domain name. Refer to my other article on Ezine for How to Search a New Domain Name to understand the trick to get a new domain name.

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