Picking the Right Fishing Pole

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Picking out a fishing pole is a hard thing to do.
If you have the money to have a fishing pole for every type of fishing you are going to do, then it is not so hard.
Most of us however are not that fortunate.
The majority of us go to the sporting goods store and pick out a rod and reel combination.
These are great but harder to really fine tune the choice.
For the beginner this is not a bad way to go.
Try to get a rod that is between six and seven feet long and the action is no more then medium.
It will probably have a reel that is an open faced spinning reel.
Now after you fish with that outfit for a couple of years or so you will want to move up and get a better rod and reel.
If you still only want one rod to do most of your fishing with you need to consider what type of fishing you will be doing.
If doing mostly trout, spinney ray, and bass I recommend a rod about the same size as what you had only now consider graphite rods.
They don't bend and bounce like the fiberglass but are very sensitive to vibration.
You also, might consider going to a light action rod and have a little more fun playing the fish.
You might even consider going to a micro action rod.
Now that is a blast when you catch a fish on it.
Obviously a micro action rod will be shorter then what you are use to but is worth it in the fun you will have.
If most of your fishing is for larger fish then I suggest buying two rods.
One for the smaller trout, bass, and perch and one for the larger salmon and steelhead.
Still, when picking out a rod for salmon you still don't want to choose a rod that is to heavy in the action.
You don't want to loose the fish but you still want to have a little fun when catching them.
Unless you are getting good with you casting you might stay with a spinning reel.
Now if you really want to get challenged, pick out a fly rod and reel.
This is a different kind of fishing altogether.
Not as hard as it seems just takes a little practice.
You will still need two rod and reels for the different types of fishing.
This type of fishing however is great.
I went out fishing with a guide one time and we got into catching ten to fifteen pound pink salmon on a fly rod.
That was a blast.
Wish I had some hard fast rules on picking out a fishing pole but I really haven't seen any that fit.
Just pick one and go fishing.
That is the only rule I have.

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