DUI Car Insurance: Top 5 Questions After a Drunk Driving Arrest

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Getting DUI car insurance is one of the biggest concerns people have after a drunk driving arrest.
Many people are unaware of the consequences of drunk driving on their auto insurance rates.
Here are the 5 most frequently asked questions: 1.
What Happens to My Auto Insurance After a DUI?
When you are arrested for drunk driving, you will face two possible scenarios from your current insurance provider: 1) Your current insurance rates will significantly increase.
or 2) Your current insurance policy will be canceled.
If your current policy is canceled, you will be required to switch to another provider.
This is because it is illegal for you to have a registered vehicle without motor insurance.
However, before you can purchase a new auto insurance policy, you will have to fill out an SR-22 insurance form.
An SR-22 form is required for all DUI drivers before they can purchase an auto insurance policy.
Submitting the SR-22 form to an insurance company lets them know that you were arrested for drunk driving.
Once you submit the form, your insurance rates will increase dramatically.
Why Are DUI Auto Insurance Rates So Expensive?
The answer is simple: Higher Risk.
When your purchase a car insurance policy the insurance companies ask themselves "How risky is it to insure you?" "How likely is this person to be in an accident?" That is why insurance companies use various factors ( such as age, type of vehicle, driving record) to determine your risk level and how much to charge you.
The higher the risk, the more expensive your car insurance.
Getting arrested for drunk driving shows that you are a risky driver and that is why insurance companies charge a lot for DUI car insurance.
How Much Will My Insurance Increase?
Your DUI car insurance rates will be between three to five times higher over the next three years.
Why three years? This is because more insurance companies review your driving record every three years.
How Long will a DUI Stay on my Record?
When you are arrested for drunk driving, a DUI is put on both your criminal record and your driving record.
Every incident on your driving record is assigned a point value.
For example.
a speeding ticket will give you one point on your driving record and will stay there for three years.
However, a DUI will give you two points on your driving record and will remain on your record for 10 years.
After 10 years, your DUI will be erased from your driving record.
Depending your state laws, your DUI criminal record may take longer to clear It is possible to clear your DUI record so that you can avoid paying such high car insurance rates and return back to your normal life.
Is There a way to Decrease my Car Insurance Rates?
Paying for DUI car insurance rates can end up costing your thousands of dollars.
However, there are few ways to reduce the high costs so you can save more money.
One of the simplest thing you can do is to avoid any accidents or traffic violations.
The cleaner your driving record the better your chances of reducing your payments.

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