Death Knight Alliance Race Choice

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When you decide to make a Death Knight you might not really care about the racial talents and just want to pick whatever race you prefer.
However, you might want to consider some things before you make your choice.
Some of the talents are more beneficial than others and you don't want to be kicking yourself down the road when you are stuck.
The advantages of these talents are small but anyone who plays wow will understand that sometimes it comes down to a very thin line between winning an arena match or killing a hard boss.
Any advantage is a good one.
So let's get started.
Draenei - The talents included in this race are by no means bad, but aren't the best for a Death Knight.
Some people would disagree and that's fine.
The Gift of the Naaru is a self heal over time ability with a 3 minute cooldown.
This really isn't useful enough to a DK.
Even as a tank or in PVP, it would be much more useful if it was an instant heal.
Heroic Presence increases your hit and anyone in your group/raid chance by 1%.
Not a terrible thing, but there are more useful talents and if you are in a raid with another draenei, then its useless.
You also get passive 2% shadow resist, not a bad deal, of all talents probably the most useful.
Gnome - Unfortunately, the gnome has some good stuff, just not really for Death Knights.
While "Escape Artist" gets you out of roots and slows.
That's really the end of the good talents.
2% reduced chance to be hit by arcane spells is pretty thin and we don't really give a crap about 5% increased intellect.
Dwarf - In my opinion this is the worst choice of them all.
Stoneform does give you the ability to remove all poisons, disease, and bleed effects 1 time and increases armor by 10% for 8 seconds.
That is a decent talent, but that's the end of them, the rest are pointless really for you other then a 2% frost resist, big deal.
Night Elf - The Night Elf isn't a terrible choice for DK compared to most races.
You get shadowmeld which can be very versatile in PVP.
You also are granted quickness which reduces chance to be hit by ranged and melee attacks by 2%.
Good for PVP and tanks.
And an added bonus of 2% reduced chance to be hit by nature spells.
All in all, its not a bad choice.
Human - When it comes down to the numbers, humans is just the best choice overall, especially for PVP.
You get the priceless talent of increased stealth detection.
You also get an expertise boost of 1h and 2h swords.
And the granddaddy PVP talent of them all, Every Man For Himself.
This is the talent that acts as your PVP trinket, allowing you to put in a nice dps trinket instead.
So in my conclusion I have to choose Human as I am a big believer in PVP.
Even in PVE I believe I would pick the human, but I also agree the Night Elf is very good choice.
Its really all up to you, none of these talents are huge but when it comes down to the wire, sometimes one extra talent saves the day and your buddies.

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