Trade Show Display Mistakes (And How You Can Avoid Them)

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Anything worth doing is worth doing right, and that includes taking your trade show displays to an event.
Nearly anything can go wrong, but avoiding these common mistakes can help ensure a professionally run event.
Mistake #1: Not Choosing The Right Size Trade Show Display A trade show display that's too big can overwhelm your employees and your visitors, especially if this is one of the first events you've attended.
Going too big will leave your employees overwhelmed and overworked and you might find that you struggle to fill every section of your trade show displays.
Additionally, large trade show exhibits will cost more since you'll need to book additional space to accommodate larger than normal trade show exhibits.
However, a too small display can also be a mistake.
Standard exhibit sizes are either 10 x 10 or 10 x 20.
Any smaller than that and visitors will have a hard time navigating throughout the exhibit.
Mistake #2: Clutter Whether you're cluttering up your banners with lots of extra words and graphics or your table tops are full of unnecessary paper, giveaways and other mess, a clean looking exhibit is a must.
Clutter will make your business look unorganized and mismanaged.
Instead, make an effort to have clean surfaces.
Visitors should be able to look at your banners and other graphics with just a quick glance and know your company's name and the type of service or product your provide.
While many businesses are tempted to try to cram as much information on their banners as possible, this just overwhelms visitors and makes them want to keep on walking.
Mistake #3: Arriving Unprepared You're there to sell, but just because you know about your company's products or services doesn't mean that you're prepared to man your company's displays.
Send your employees through 'Exhibit Boot Camp' before attending the event.
Role playing can help your employees get ready to deal with customers, both new and old.
However, don't just pretend to be happy customers because it's easy to talk with people who are eager to use your products and services.
Instead make sure that one of your employees to pretends to be a negative potential customer who is just there for a goody bag.
Mistake #4: Ignoring The Competition Your competitors will likely be there with their own trade show displays.
Don't pretend that they don't exist, but don't speak negatively about them either.
Acknowledge their presence with a wave and don't be afraid to send customers their way if the customer is looking for something you can't offer.
Your competition isn't going to go away so it doesn't do any good to pretend that they don't exist.
Making these common mistakes can mean a lot of extra work when you're at the event, but these aren't the only mistakes exhibitors can make.
Take a critical look at your company and see if you can think of any other mistakes that you might be able to avoid.

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