Mauricio Evlampieff - The Creator of Rocket Spanish is a Good Teacher?

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Anyone who has taken the Rocket Spanish course offered at is well acquainted with Mauricio Evlampieff. Were he to walk into a crowded room most of the adults who spent so much time with Mauricio online would recognize him as their Spanish teacher. No doubt, they would also recognize Amy Waterman who is also a teacher for the Rocket Spanish online lesson presentations. It is much easier to learn with Rocket Spanish because you are listening to and seeing two caring adults who want to make your learning experience fun and worthwhile.

Mauricio was born in Chile and Spanish is his native tongue. His first word, as an infant was no doubt, spoken in Spanish, while your first word was probably, spoken in English. Mauricio is loyal to his homeland and he loves the culture and heritage of Chile. He loves and appreciates the beauty of the Spanish language.

One of the appealing aspects of Mauricio's Rocket Spanish program is his enthusiasm and love for teaching. Mauricio has taught his native language to students in several places around the world. It is difficult to imagine a classroom of dissatisfied, students under Mauricio's caring guidance. His emails to students taking the Rocket Spanish course are uplifting. His compassionate concern is present in his messages offering support and encouragement to continue learning.

Mauricio Evlampieff is the designer and author of Rocket Spanish, an outstanding adult learning program. Anyone desiring to learn the Spanish language can learn to speak, read, write and think in Spanish using this program. Rocket Spanish includes an interactive audio course to teach adults conversational Spanish. The course includes four e-books packed with grammar lessons, everyday words and phrases and an ever- growing vocabulary. There are also exercises, flash cards, activities and software games called MegaVocab and MegaAudio. Students can add to the vocabulary, as they need words.

Adults who request the free offer of lessons to test the program usually go on to purchase the program because they learn so much from the free lessons. Actually, in less than eight weeks many adults are hooked on learning Spanish because they learn far more than they believed they could learn. By accepting the free offer, they discover enjoyment in the lessons and like the idea of learning something new.

Adults who purchase Rocket Spanish have alternatives in the selection of the materials for the program. Rocket Spanish now offers the entire program formatted for your, i-Pod or MP3 Player and all you have to do is make your payment, check your email account for a link to the downloadable program. Downloading the program directly to your computer or having the program shipped to you is another alternative.

Visit and learn more about Rocket Spanish and Mauricio. Then fill out the request form to get the first of the first six lessons. You will be speaking Spanish within a short time and you will love meeting Mauricio and Amy Waterman who teaches the lessons with Mauricio.

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