Can I Drink Costa Rica Water?

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If you go to this beautiful country in Central America, one of the most important questions is whether the water there is safe to drink.
Rest assured, Costa Rica water is of very good quality and is therefore safe to drink.
Like in North America though, you will find plenty of bottled water.
The main problem people wonder about if they can use the water to clean their teeth or if the water served in glasses in restaurants is safe to drink.
Ice cubes are also an issue as they are, of course, made from the local water.
I travelled around this tropical jewel last year.
Everyone assured me that the water was safe to drink and so I did and had absolutely no ill effects.
This is good to know as even in places like China, where you are not advised to drink the water, sometimes the bottled water sold is, in fact tap water.
Not only the drinking water is of good quality.
The oceans and lakes in Costa Rica are clean and pristine, which is not the case in many areas of the world.
Costa Ricans pride themselves on how eco friendly their country is and you will be able to swim in beautifully clear waters of the Pacific or the Caribbean as well as the many lakes.
For example, in places like Arenal which is where an active volcano presides over the area you will find many hot springs.
In fact here you can also enjoy thermal hot springs where you can relax in warm to hot water in the open air.
This makes for a great holiday and some hot springs have multiple pools of various temperatures and they are surrounded by vibrant countryside, the rainforest and of course beautiful flowering plants and colorful birds and even monkeys, if you are lucky.
In the area of Arenal alone, there are at least eleven hot springs, including some which are part of a hotel.
This country is famous for its beauty and it's eco friendliness, which is why such emphasis is put on the quality of the water there, whether it is water out of the tap, or water to bathe in.
Costa Rica water is to enjoy, from the fresh water you drink as well as lake water, to the salt water of the oceans.

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